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Announcing: Be in the Book

June 23, 2017 is now live. This is a way for you to be directly involved with Stephen Hayes’s work, by creating your own characters to be used in his stories. Go and check it out.

Prices Lowered for Magic Crystals Ebooks

June 16, 2017

We have lowered prices on all Ebook editions of Magic Crystals books in the Stephen Hayes Online Store. View the new prices here, or hang around because very soon, prices will be lowered by other retailers as well.

Parisian Tails Published Today

September 29, 2016

‘Parisian Tails’, the story of Paris, the spunky seeing-eye dog, has officially been published, two days before what would have been her 11th birthday. It is presently only available in Ebook format. Go check it out.