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The Cloak of Steel (The Magic Crystals, #5)
Parisian Tails
Corridors (The Magic Crystals, #4)
Hunt and Power (The Magic Crystals, #3)

The Magic Crystals Series

The Chopville Chronicles

‘The Chopville Chronicles’ is a spin-off from ‘The Magic Crystals’ series. It is set in the same universe as the original series, with most (though not all) stories taking place in Chopville itself, and featuring many of the same characters and magic with which those who have read the Magic Crystals novels would be familiar. The stories are set in chronological order, but not written in that order, which is why only some of them appear in the list below.

Some of these stories can be read without needing to have read any of the novels. Others do require an understanding of what happened in some of the books, in which case you will be asked to answer some questions correctly before you can read them. In order to read the stories, however, you must have been given a direct link to have each story sent directly to your Email address. Additionally, you can browse through the trivia section to find the hidden links, or check out the published books.

1. It's a Small Town, Son
Let's take a look at this tiny little grain of sand on the beach of life where so much seems to happen.
16. Little Girl Pariah
Stella's first encounter with other kids her age doesn't go the way she would have liked.
28. An Extra Dimension
Chester and Charlie teach John, Peter and James how to play four-way chess.
38. When Teachers Go Nuts
John, Peter, James, Harry, Simon, and their year-eight French class get their first taste of Mr. Hall.
39. Prelude to a Camp
Amelia constructs a tree house for her group of campers on Rock Haulter.

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