The Magic Crystals Trivia

Warning: This section contains spoilers.

Stella Hammerson (2/21/1994)

  • Parents: Arnold and Lindsay (deceased)
  • Grandparents: Dorothy (deceased) (AKA Tankom) and Ian (deceased)
  • Great Grandparents: Lester (deceased)
  • Hammerheart Code: 1H4

    The youngest of the Hammerson Sorcerers and the only Hammerson who ever leaves their home and allows herself to be seen in public. Stella is badly treated by her family and has consequently turned out much better than them. She has no desire to fight with the Woodwards and at the age of 16, only cares about getting people to like her and not associate her with her murderous family, even though she may have helped her father and grandmother to safety from the Woodwards. She is revealed to have a peculiar mental connection with John, and consequently likes and trusts him more than anyone else. She started off as a Sorcerer but her magic was taken and given to Natalie; Stella doesn't seem to mind this. She spends a lot of MC4 on the run from her family, and escapes from them again at the end of the story.