About Stephen Hayes

Stephen Hayes lives and writes in Melbourne, Australia. Having been born partially blind in 1986 and lost his limited vision in 2000, he started writing stories at the age of eight, winning the Harold Dickinson Memorial Australian Literary Competition for a short story about a haunted house at the age of eleven. He completed his first novella in Braille at fourteen and by sixteen, had completed the first draft of ‘The Seventh Sorcerer’.

Since 2002, Stephen has allowed his imagination to run wild with The Magic Crystals saga; sometimes pushing boundaries that today's somewhat moral society deem to sweep under the carpet. Although classified as fantasy genre due mainly to the prominent magic component, Stephen's writing also includes a good balance of drama, mystery, romance, humour, and he isn't afraid to address controversial moral issues.

‘The Seventh Sorcerer’, ‘Rock Haulter’, ‘Hunt and Power’ and most recently ‘Corridors’ are the currently published books in a series of seven stories revolving around John Playman, his home town of Chopville, the power-hungry Sorcerers and the dangerously powerful Magic Crystals.