The Magic Crystals Series

The Seventh Sorcerer
A quest to stop an evil man with a dark purpose from procuring one of the greatest magical powers in the world.
Rock Haulter
A race against the henchmen of the evil Hammerson Sorcerers, the prize for which is a power great enough to control the entire world.
Hunt and Power
A struggle for power as the crystals and the magic they possess become the rope in a furious tug-of-war.
A search for a man who may possess the key to defeating the Hammersons once and for all.
The Cloak of Steel
A mission born out of desperation where victory may come at the cost of several lives.
On the String
A desperate chase as evil swoops and John and five of his friends are the only people standing between the dark side and the world domination it has always sought.

Other Books

Parisian Tails
The story of Paris, the seeing-eye dog.