The Magic Crystals Trivia

Warning: This section contains spoilers.

John Playman (9/17/1995)

  • Parents: Margaret and Chester
  • Siblings: Nicole (deceased) and Peter
  • Grandparents: William (deceased) and Hilda
  • John is the narrator of the Magic Crystals story, and while not always the hero, he is central to all the major plotlines. He was adopted by the Playmans at the age of one-year-old because Arnold Hammerson wanted him dead, believing him to be a future threat to his power legasy. His biological parents decided to take him into hiding, and Frederic Woodward decided that his best chance of safety was to put him with a family who would be under the Hammersons' radar. He is an Imprinteral, connects with the Enlightener, has a strange mental connection with Stella (which was caused by Arnold Hammerson's first attempt to kill him).

    John will learn to be courageous and decisive in the face of danger, although he seems to be unable to make the same strides with his personal life. He cares very much about the people around him and is having trouble coming to terms with the fact that he will be unable to prevent them from getting hurt. He has a deep affection for Natalie, and he has discovered that she shares his feelings, but he has never had the guts to tell her how he feels, and the matter was taken out of his hands by his rival, Tommy, who also likes Natalie. He has also had interludes with Tulip and Lena, and entered into a more serious relationship with Serena. Amelia and Stella have also shown interest in him, but apart from some inappropriate thoughts about them, he has so far resisted them.

    After a costly loss and traumatic showdown with Arnold Hammerson at the end of ‘Hunt and Power’, John makes a resolution not to go looking for any more trouble. He would eventually get over this when he came to realise that trouble would often come looking for him. At the end of ‘Corridors’, after he commits one of the costliest blunders of the war, John sinks into depression.