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Warning: This section contains spoilers.

Natalie Fletcher (6/28/1995)

  • Parents: Brian and Minny
  • Siblings: Rebecca
  • Grandparents: Alice
  • Quiet, shy and polite, Natalie is one of the few people in Chopville to come from a privileged background. Her upbringing was very strict and there are high expectations of her within her family. Perhaps because of this, she, her father and grandmother were chosen to be the Sorcerers who would succeed the Hammersons.

    She has harboured an affection for John for an unknown period of time, having only told those closest to her such as Nicole, Lisa, Jessica and Felicity. She never knew that when Sebastian stole her diary containing the information, he passed the knowledge along to John. At Stella's birthday party, she didn't receive the attention she desired from John and ended up hitting it off with Tommy instead, although she regretted this lapse almost immediately. She discovered days later that Tommy had cheated on her with her sister, Rebecca, and although she almost went back to Tommy two months later, she has stayed single thereafter. At the end of MC4, she is forced to cut off communications from the rest of the Young Army to focus on the war effort.