The Magic Crystals Trivia

Warning: This section contains spoilers.

Lisa Pont (5/19/1994-2/11/2010, 2/11/2010-2/25/2010)

  • Parents: Greg and Unnamed Mother
  • Siblings: Jason
  • The most bookish person in the group, Lisa is intelligent and inspired to become very successful because she doesn't wish to turn out like her father, who has allowed alcohol to take a hold of his life since the war, although he is a good man over all. She has insecurities and is prone to stress, but puts in a great effort to hide these things from her friends. She makes the greatest sacrifice of all during the search for the Sien-Leoard Crystal and is only repaid for her effort towards the end of the story. She is killed again during the Chopville High battle by Candice Young.