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Warning: This section contains spoilers.

Kylie Cunkourd (12/4/1995-5/6/2010)

  • Parents: Unnamed Mother and Father
  • Siblings: Two Younger Sisters
  • Less physically attractive than some of her friends, particularly Katie, she has nevertheless been an object of desire for James for a while coming into the story. Her interest lies with Peter, however, and she makes a play for him at Stella's birthday party. If she hadn't been with Katie and Sophie on the weekend of jumping off the bridges in the park, she may never have got involved with the group. Kylie is not as smart as some of her friends but possesses a cheeky, mischievous nature, and is more likely to get in trouble at school than the rest of her female friends. She is beheaded by a Hammerheart during the third Chopville High battle and buried in the private Woodward cemetary.