The Magic Crystals Trivia

Warning: This section contains spoilers.

Bernard Moran (10/31/1961-5/17/2010)

  • Children: Lucien and Marc
  • Spouse: Cindy (deceased)
  • Hammerheart Code: 3M27

    Lived in Chopville since the age of ten, he was drawn into the Hammersons' army at the start of the war by his friends, who wanted to get in early on a magical monopoly. He had been loyal to them until Arnold Hammerson tried to kill one of his sons, and then when Bernard hid the child, killed his wife instead. When the opportunity presented itself, he decided to make a grab for personal power. When he failed, the Hammersons honoured their original plan to help him if he got into trouble, but he was punished before being sent on what would ultimately be an impossible mission to get the Sien-Leoard Crystal. He was thought to have died after his failure, but he surprised everyone by turning up two weeks later at the most inconvenient time for Hammerson. He continues causing trouble in MC4 until his death, at which point it was revealed that he had been using the Villain Crystal for some time.