The Magic Crystals Trivia

Warning: This section contains spoilers.

Dorothy Hammerson (4/29/1929-5/17/2010)

  • Spouse: Ian (deceased)
  • Parents: Lester (deceased) and Adele (deceased)
  • Children: Arnold
  • Grandchildren: Stella
  • Grandparents: Karen and Daniel
  • Hammerheart Code: 1H2

    The eldest of the living Hammersons, she assists her son in the running of their organisation, but doesn't play any major role in MC1 and is only seen once in MC2. She put an influential charm on Lucien shortly before she was stripped of her magical powers. The true extent of her evil is showcased when she tortures Tommy and Natalie, and killes Serena and Jane (in the same manner she killed Frederic Woodward's father). Shortly after this, she is herself killed by John.