The Magic Crystals Trivia

Warning: This section contains spoilers.

James Thomas (10/18/1995)

  • Parents: Marge and Charlie
  • Siblings: Felicity and Jessica
  • Grandparents: Carl (deceased) and Violet
  • Average height and a bit over-weight, James is the logical thinker in the group, best at considering all possible scenarios and solutions to a problem. He is very intelligent but not in the bookish sense like Lisa. He is a trustworthy person although he does have an unspoken belief that everyone around him is up to something dodgy, and in many cases he's not far from the truth. He seems to have taken it upon himself to scrutinise Stella's actions more closely than anyone else, and it was he who eventually concluded that she may have betrayed them. He had an interest in Kylie early on in the story, but upon learning that she didn't share his feelings, he began dating Erica instead, and they are still going strong.