The Magic Crystals Trivia

Warning: This section contains spoilers.

Marc Moran (8/6/1994)

  • Parents: Bernard (deceased) and Cindy (deceased)
  • Siblings: Lucien
  • Probably the bravest person in the group in the face of danger, and quite likely the true hero in the story. Marc has turned out quite well for someone with such a dodgy upbringing and interference from the Hammersons. He struggles at first to accept the difficult hands he is dealt but is very good at moving forward in a situation. His relationship with his father and the Sorcerers thrusts him into one of the most important roles in the story. Since learning of his magical ability, he has equipped himself well and made himself into not only a powerful Sorcerer, but a good leader, and he and John are the last two warriers left standing after the first Chopville High battle. In ‘Hunt and Power’, he begins dating Amelia, but it ends up going south when Amelia sinks into depression. It is later hinted that he may also be attracted to Lena. At the end of MC4, Frederic Woodward forces him to relinquish the Hero Crystal, determining that he and the rest of the Young Army have been irresponsible with magic.