The Magic Crystals Trivia

Warning: This section contains spoilers.

Tommy Blue (3/31/1994)

  • Biological Parents (deceased)
  • Adoptive Parents of dark Tommy in Australia
  • Adoptive parents of light Tommy in Germany (deceased)
  • Tall, dark-skinned and appearing a little older than his age, Tommy moved to Chopville just prior to the story to seek answers from the Sorcerers to an odd magical quirk he possesses. He is another along with Marc and John who is hunted by the Hammerson Sorcerers although nobody knows why (they can only assume it has something to do with his sleeping oddity). He is not a particularly brave person but he is very proactive and can usually push through his fear. His ability to play the Maahoo gives him an important role in the story, but didn't get to go to Rock Haulter in MC2 along with his friends owing to the fact that in a setup designed to get Moran out of prison, he was shot by a Hammerheart. He was able to rectify this when he went to Rock Haulter in MC4.

    Throughout the story, Tommy has had his eye on Natalie, though at first, he made no moves to pursue her. At Stella's birthday party, however, he took the initiative and was able to put himself in front of John. Two days later, however, he cheated on her with her sister, Rebecca, because Natalie wouldn't put out. Rebecca found out from Serena a few days later and told Natalie, but for reasons unknown, Natalie gave him a second chance; it only lasted a few more days. He didn't immediately give up persuing her, and even used the Darkness Crystal to attempt to charm her to him, but it only almost worked. After that, he decided to give up on her for good.

    His other person, the one living in Germany, was abducted in MC4 by Tankom and tortured. He was rescued, but committed suicide shortly after, destroying most of the curse put upon him and leaving him with only one person.