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Warning: This section contains spoilers.

Amelia Woodward (3/8/1994)

  • Parents: Frederic and Rachael (deceased)
  • Grandparents: Lillian and Peter (deceased)
  • Great Grandparents: Roger (deceased)
  • The youngest of the Woodward Sorcerers, Amelia is a serious person who enters into the story for no reason other than to take back her magical powers when they are stolen by Moran. As the story goes on she will develop a greater interest in the teenagers around her and, as John overhears, a more personal interest in Marc, who she will begin dating after Stella's. birthday party. It will go bad after, having been raped by Hignat and Wilwog in MC3, she sinks into depression. Afterwards, she finds herself more attracted to John, but is unable or unwilling to do much about it while he is also in a relationship.

    She is a nice, trustworthy person who, through years of experience reading minds and never speaking of what she learns, can keep anyone's secrets. After her mother is killed, she keeps herself busy by renewing her efforts against the Hammersons, and is forced to cut off communications with the other teenagers (other than Natalie) when the war intensifies.