The Magic Crystals Trivia

Warning: This section contains spoilers.

Frederic Woodward (10/10/1960)

  • Parents: Lillian and Peter (deceased)
  • Spouse: Rachael (deceased)
  • Grandparents: Roger (deceased)
  • Children: Amelia
  • The middle-aged Woodward Sorcerer. Regarded as the most powerful of the six living Sorcerers, although this has never been proven in a direct contest between himself and Arnold Hammerson, who is known to be extremely powerful. He is the last of the Sorcerers to lose his magic when Moran takes possession of his crystal and it is only then that the weather turns cold. He does the duty of healing Tommy after he was shot, although it still wasn't enough for Tommy to go on the Rock Haulter camp. When the Hammerhearts begin their global asault, questions are raised about the overly defensive way he chooses to combat them.