The Magic Crystals Trivia

Warning: This section contains spoilers.

Lucien Moran (11/1/1992)

  • Parents: Bernard (deceased) and Cindy (deceased)
  • Siblings: Marc
  • Hammerheart Code: 3M78 (previously 4M34)

    The older brother of Marc, Lucien is thrust into the role of leader in the first book due to his knowledge of the Magic Crystals, as well as his association with the Hammersons and the fact that unlike Marc, he doesn't hold a grudge against his father. It is down to Lucien to construct the plan against Moran to return magic to its rightful owners, but as he is older than the others, he does not attend the camp on Rock Haulter and consequently doesn't assist against his father the second time except for at least one phone call. In the third book, do to magical influence from Tankom, Lucien switches sides, hands John, Peter and Amelia over to the Hammersons, and begins working for them. He is captured by John, escaped, almost captured again, panics and makes a run for it, after which he must keep running from the Hammersons, as they will punish him for abandoning them. John eventually uses a Unboggler to undo the damage done to him by Tankom.