The Magic Crystals Trivia

Warning: This section contains spoilers.


A magical device created by the Hammersons about the size of a cigarette lighter. If clicked while pointing at a person, it thrusts unendurable agony upon them until the person using it clicks it again. It is an efficient method of torture.
Beast of Magic
A conscious form of magic which can only be controlled by a person with the right amount of magical power. It doesn't normally have a body but can assume any form it is asked to.
A magical device created by the Hammersons which takes the shape of a small knife. If slashed through the air, it can cut into objects or people without needing to make physical contact, so long as they are directly in line with it. It also has a small button on the handle which can spray salt into the open wounds of people who have been cut.
One of the obstacles protecting the Sien-Leoard Crystal, the bodissolver requires a person to sacrifice his or her life in order for his or her fellows to proceed.
A magical device created by the Hammersons. It contains a pre-performed influential charm which is designed to make people approve of the Hammersons' ideals and make them more suggestable to the Hammerhearts' plans. It can be used both to recruit new Hammerhearts and to eliminate opposition without violence.
A living creature created by the Hammersons. It is both tamed and wild at the same time; it understands and obeys the Hammersons, but it is also instinctively driven to the scent of blood. It is used to dispose of dead bodies.
The small country town in which the story is set.
Chopville Daily Telegraph
The local newspaper in Chopville.
Comprehensive Memory
A magical device that can record all the workings of a person's mind; everything they see, hear, feel, taste, smell and even think. It takes the form of a roll of tape.
Crystal Holder
Another name for the Seventh Sorcerer.
Darkness Crystal
One of the five Magic Crystals, and the most powerful of them apart from the Sien-Leoard Crystal. It does not have a colour, but is made up of contained darkness, and can cast objects around it into shadow. It is capable of performing widespread evil far beyond the more specific power of the Villain Crystal.
Domination Charm
A standard piece of spell work that clears a person's mind of all conscious thought so that they will automatically submit to the performer of the spell's will.
Drawing Device
A magical device created by the Hammersons used to draw items so that they fly through the air towards the device and the person using it.
A magical device created by the Woodwards, although the Hammersons have since taken to using them as well, and are the only ones who call it by this name. It usually takes the form of a large backpack but expands internally, meaning that it can carry an unlimited number of objects of any size. Its weight never changes no matter how much it is carrying. It is not the same as the bag which Harry and Simon used in ‘Rock Haulter’; that bag had all the same properties, with the edition of duplicating everything put within it.
The name given to the Beast of Magic.
Gas Guster
A magical device created by the Hammersons to be used in battle. It can release many different gases into the air to either assist or combat, however it hasn't yet been used by any of the characters during the story.
The name given to a person who supports the Hammersons; a member of the Hammerheart army.
Hammerheart Highway
An underground network of tunnels linking all the Hammersons' bases with all the Hammerhearts' homes. It is navigated by way of carts which travel at extraordinary speeds.
Hamster's Stretch Reserve
The park roughly in the centre of town containing a small forest-type area and a large clearing through which the Jade River flows.
Hero Crystal
The bronze-coloured crystal which is formed by the six Sorcerous Crystals when they are in the Seventh Sorcerer's hands; the Seventh Sorcerer is only able to use magic with the Hero Crystal.
Hidden Quarters
An area in the Moran house surrounded by magical stone which can be opened in any place if the correct password is provided.
An alien breed of being with similarities to humans which exists in an alternate world or parallel universe.
Influential Charm
A powerful spell which manipulates ideals deep within a person's mind. It can be used to control a person without the constant monitoring required for the domination charm. It leaves no trace of magic after it has been performed, meaning that the new ideals are so firmly lodged within the person that they will have no idea that anything has happened, only that they have reached a previously unknown understanding. It cannot be removed by magic; the only way to defeat it is by using another influential charm to replace the new ideals with the old ones again.
Invisibility Ball
A magical item created by the Hammersons. It isn't a device, per say, but an edible substance which takes the shape of a small ball and contains an invisibility spell. If it is swallowed whole by a person (it must not be chewed, or the magic is destroyed), it will make that person invisible while it is dissolving in their stomach. It takes about ten minutes to dissolve to a point where the magic disintegrates, returning the person to a state of regular visibility.
Invisibility Toggle
A magical device created by Frederic Woodward in response to the discovery of the Hammersons' invisibility balls. It can make any object invisible when it is pointed at it and clicked, and can conversely make any invisible object visible with the same process.
A person carrying a magical spell from birth which enables them to see people itching. The itches appear as red marks on the skin, and the greater the itch, the more vivid the mark.
Jade River
A river which runs through Chopville, flowing from the northeast and bending towards the west before turning southwest once out of town.
A device within the Woodward headquarters used to create magical keys that can be used around the base.
Leoard's Lament
A Maahoo piece which, if played correctly, has the power to tame the Beast of Magic.
Life Assistant
‘Life Assistant’ is the name which Jacob Underwood gave it, as so much of his life had depended on it, but its actual name is a Mind Linker. It is used to allow two people in two different locations to communicate telepathically as long as they are both holding the corresponding devices. They were created by Frederic Woodward and presently, only two such devices exist in the world.
Light Crystal
One of the five Magic Crystals. It is the same size as the Darkness Crystal and is impossible to look at directly. It does not have a colour but is rather made up of contained light, meaning that it glows brilliantly in the dark. It contains more good than any of the other crystals, including the Hero Crystal, and will only perform magic for a person who has good intent.
A musical instrument with magical properties.
Magic Crystals
The collective name given to the Hero, Villain, Light, Darkness and Sien-Leoard Crystals.
A person who studies the theory of magic. The ultimate intent of these scientists is to reconcile all knowledge and observations of magic with all that is known about biology, chemistry and physics.
Master Key
A magical key that can open any door with a keyhole.
A device created by the Hammersons which contains a pre-performed Normalising Charm, and is usually used to nutralise threats posed by other magical devices or recently performed spells.
Normalising Charm
A spell which can easily undo the most recent spell or spells placed on an object or objects, if the magic which had performed those spells is still detectible.
A magical pact is an agreement ceeled with a spell. It must not be broken or the person responsible will die; or in the case of the Sorcerers, who cannot be killed, it results in incredibly bad luck.
A device created by the Woodwards which is designed to directly counter the effects of the Hammersons' Bogglers by performing another Influential Charm on the person, making them understand and acknowledge the evil of the Hammersons and their plans. This device is innitially nammed an ‘Unboggler’ but was renamed when John created another device more suitable to the name.
A magical device created by the Hammersons. It is unclear how they normally use it, but it is probably used as a tool of self-discovery and may be able to determine a person's loyalty to the Hammersons. It creates a magical senario within itself in which it obtains memories, beliefs, fantasies and fears from the person using it and tries to tempt them. The objective of the person using it is to resist all temptations presented to them; they are trapped inside the Returnamy until they are able to pass the test. It also has a feature where it records everything that passes through the person's mind using comprehensive memory.
A device created by the Hammersons which is used to make invisible objects visible. It works exactly the same as the invisible toggles used by the Woodwards, but with only half the functionality.
Rock Haulter
A small island whose location is unknown and is only accessible a few times a year through invisible portals. It was created with the main purpose of protecting the Sien-Leoard Crystal but it also contains much more magic which has been provided by generations of Sorcerers. Chopville High has rights to camp there for a few days in the year of 2010.
Sien-Leoard Sapphire
The bright blue sapphire used as a key to access the Sien-Leoard Crystal. Unlike the L and S keys, there is only one sapphire.
A magical device created by the Hammersons, about the size of a cigarette lighter. Its purpose is to dispense thicky prison, which will wrap itself around anything it touches so long as it isn't attached to the ground (since it can get beneath people, they don't count). When a solid-outliner is shot at thicky prison, it causes the thicky prison to vanish.
People who have access to magic from the Sorcerous Crystals, provided by a small magical chip embedded in their bodies.
Sorcerous Crystals
The six crystals which store the magic used daily by the six Sorcerers (they are not the same as the Magic Crystals).
Sorcerous Seer
A type of psychic whose ability to see the future is provided by magic (Daniel Dasher is the only Sorcerous Seer in the story).
Stasis Spell
A spell which immunises an object, objects, or anything within a spacial container against the effects of time.
A magical device created by the Hammersons which is designed to call a deceased person back in the form of a ghost.
Spectral Disintegration
A ghost's ability to turn a living person into a ghost without actually killing them.
The name given to Dorothy Hammerson to distinguish her from the other Hammersons. The name has significance although most of the characters in the story don't understand where the name came from.
The Seventh Sorcerer
The more common name given to the Crystal Holder.
Thicky Prison
A magical substance used to immobilise objects by spreading over anything it touches. It is painless and doesn't do any lasting damage.
Transgation Charm
A spell which links two doorways in different locations. When a person steps through one of the two doors, they come out through the other. The two doorways do not need to be of the same size; if they are not, people who use them will grow or shrink proportionately.
A group of objects which can separate people's minds from their bodies, making them completely unaware of themselves physically; they will feel normal but as though they're in a different place.
A device which John created when it became apparent that the Rebogglers were having unintended consequences on the people they used. It is designed to carefully remove the effects that may have been caused by a Boggler or a Hammerson's Influential Charm, although it seems to cause the person to be filled with grief and remorse for what they have done.
Villain Crystal
A black crystal, the size of the Hero Crystal, and an immensely evil object. It will only perform magic for a person with evil intent, and may turn on that person if they are unworthy of its power.
Worship Hall
The name given to the enormous hall within the Hammersons' Chopville base where mass meetings are conducted.
Young Army
The informal name for the group of teenagers fighting, first against Moran and then the Hammersons. Lucien was originally the leader, but from MC2 onwards, that job has fallen to Marc and to some extent, Amelia.