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Warning: This section contains spoilers.


The word ‘Hammerheart’ usually refers to a member of the Hammersons' army, but it can also be an adjective describing anything associated with the Hammersons' army, such as the Hammerheart Base, the Hammerheart Highway, or Hammerheart devices.

A Typical Hammerheart

Most Hammerhearts have regular lives which they live separately from their Hammerheart duties, and what duties they do have are usually organised around their existing routines. These routines would usually include family, work, school, and sometimes even hobbies. The only times these routines would be put on hold for the sake of the Hammerheart army would be when something significant is happening or is about to happen.

Hammerhearts who do have jobs, school or families to consider would live in normal homes which would give almost nothing of their occupants' identities away (except for a notable few who have those weird houses that are mostly underground and may include a Hidden Quarters). There are some Hammerhearts who do not have outside lives, however, and these Hammerhearts would live in one of the many full-time residences within the Hammerheart network. The two main causes of people choosing to live like this are either if they have nothing else in their lives worth living for, or if they are known to be Hammerhearts from the Great Sorcerous War and are consequently wanted criminals.

The Hammerheart Ranking System

Hammerhearts are ranked according to their level of authority within the army. These ranks are incorporated into their Hammerheart codes, which are displayed on the left breast of their Hammerheart uniforms, which they are almost always required to wear within the network (and always within any Worship Hall). A Hammerheart code is made up of three components: Their level, the first letter of their surname, and a one, two or three-digit number which is usually incremental. For example, Bernard Moran has the code 3M27: The 3 is his level, M is the first letter of his surname, and 27 means that the number 27 was the lowest available number of all the existing Hammerhearts whose codes began with 3M at the time the code was assigned to him. When a level two-or-lower Hammerheart dies, their code becomes available for reallocation.

There are five levels in the Hammerheart ranking system:

  • Level 1: The Hammersons themselves. This level is exclusive for the Hammersons and cannot be reached by any other Hammerheart through promotion.
  • Level 2: Heads of bases or bands of soldiers. This type of Hammerheart rarely performs grunt work for the army, but is usually responsible for organising lower-ranked Hammerhearts to perform assignments given to them by the Hammersons. They can only reach this level if they are highly trusted by the Hammersons.
  • Level 3: Typical Hammerheart soldiers. This is the rank of the majority of the Hammerhearts in the army. They are highly trained with Hammerheart weapons but they do not usually have the authority to organise or command other Hammerhearts. Most of them would report to a level-two ranked Hammerheart rather than any of the Hammersons directly.
  • Level 4: Junior Hammerheart soldiers. These Hammerhearts are occasionally referred to as ‘part-timers’ in the story, but this is inaccurate given that most Hammerhearts only operate part-time. These Hammerhearts are almost always under the age of 18 (Lucien Moran is a major exception to this rule) and are usually commanded by a specially assigned level-three ranked Hammerheart, although their required duties are considerably less and less dangerous than those of level-three ranked Hammerhearts.
  • Level 5: Utility workers. These types of Hammerhearts are almost never given jobs outside the Hammerheart network. Their duties usually include things like cooking for the masses who eat in the dining halls, cleaning the Hammerheart bases, maintaining the technology within the bases, and acting as security guards.

Known Hammerhearts

The following is a list of known Hammerhearts and their codes: