The Magic Crystals Trivia

Warning: This section contains spoilers.


In its broadest sense, a ‘Transgator’ is a magical device that removes a person's consciousness and sense of self from their body and places it in a bodiless location. In this state, the person feels completely normal and that they are only in a completely different location, when in actual fact their body remains in a state of stasis (unchanging) while only their mind is elsewhere. Some Transgators also have the ability to seemingly freeze time; although in reality, in these cases, everything that happens in the virtual reality created inside the Transgator happens in a single instant.

For the most part, Transgators are considered to be too powerful to be available to the general public. Furthermore, most possible uses for Transgators haven't been utilised yet, due mainly to the vulnerable state in which a person is left while they are transgated. Their most common use is to provide simulated training environments for the soldiers of both the Woodward and Hammerson armies, although obviously the nature of the training would be very different between the two.

But there are other types of Transgators too. For example, the Returnamy is a device which simulates an environment in which a person is presented with temptations which they must resist in order to be let out of the Transgator. John Playman was given this challenge early in MC3, which he eventually passed after a couple of slip-ups.

The Chopville High Transgators

The Chopville High Transgators are an exception to the ‘general public’ rule. They are a collection of interconnected devices which don't just create a single virtual reality for a person, but a single virtual reality for all 500 (five hundred) devices in the network. They were provided to the school by Frederic Woodward in 2007, the year Amelia started at the school, and are contracted to be taken away as soon as she leaves. The original purpose of having them was to provide a teaching environment where they could test students in ways that wouldn't be possible in real life, but that wasn't how the school chose to use them in MC1.

Despite this, however, the school is very restricted in how they are permitted to use the Transgators, for two reasons: Firstly, the same reason that Transgators aren't for public consumption; they leave the person using them vulnerable. The second reason is a danger that comes with having the Transgators networked: If a student enters through one Transgator and leaves through another, their consciousness would literally enter another person's body. For example, if Peter had pushed the button on James's desk, he would have entered James's body upon returning to reality. Fortunately, this hasn't happened—yet.