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Warning: This section contains spoilers.

The Chopville Daily Telegraph

The Chopville Daily Telegraph is the only local newspaper in Chopville, serving the town and the surrounding district (around 7,500 people in total).

The newspaper was established in 1905 as the Chopville Telegraph and was printed and delivered twice-weekly. For 96 years, there was almost no variation in the way it ran, except during the two world wars and the Great Sorcerous War when it focussed on more global news, given that some of its residence were in the overseas fighting. Its main focusses were local news, local births, weddings and deaths, agricultural developments, businesses in town, anything to do with the two local schools, and any state and national news that effected the local area. It also soled ad space.

In 2001, however, in response to the great changes sweeping through the town, the newspaper underwent sweeping changes of its own. It was renamed the Chopville Daily Telegraph, and as its name implies, was delivered daily to all properties within town and a seven kilometre radius. It still retained its original format, but given that the Sorcerers were now living in town, there was much more news available to write, and where only four people had been employed at a time in the past, the Telegraph now had a dozen different journalists, reporters and photographers on the payroll.

And the success of the paper didn't stop there. The Telegraph also shared pieces of information with other media outlets in other parts of the country, and even the world. Its popularity grew to such a point that from 2001 to 2003, they were required to print extra copies and transport them to Melbourne, Shepparton, Albury and Bendigo for further consumption. When this became too labour intensive, they set up an online subscription service to provide access to anyone around the world who wanted it.