The Magic Crystals Trivia

Warning: This section contains spoilers.

The Hammerheart Network

The ‘Hammerheart Network’ is the structure that was set up by Lester and Dorothy Hammerson in the 1960s and '70s to facilitate the Hammerheart army. The army's purpose was to use magic to overthrow all existing rule in the world and replace it with magical rule, the intention being to use magic much more readily and freely to improve people's lives. The Woodwards' opposition was mainly because they thought that the Hammersons were abusing their power, and because the Hammersons seemed far too ready to kill and torture people for their gain. Arnold Hammerson, who was growing up while all this was happening, became much crueller than his ancestors.

The Hammerheart Highway

The ‘Hammerheart Highway’ is the backbone of the Hammerheart Network. It is a network of underground highways that cover the entire globe, and more. They are shrunken and provided with transgation charms at every entry point so that no magic is required to enter them, and the outsides of them are provided with a number of spells to prevent them from being dug up, which include causing anything electronic or mechanical to break, and people to suddenly remember more pressing engagements elsewhere and hurry away.

The Highway's purpose is to link the homes of most of the Hammerhearts in the world to the network so that they can easily access any of the bases, or any other location within the network. Every base has a secret guest entrance designed for a person who doesn't have a Highway entrance in their home, and can only be accessed by people who know what they're doing (their brains are magically scanned to be sure). People who have entrances to the Highway in their homes are required to have the entrance hidden or disguised so that people who don't know about it are unlikely to find it. These disguises usually include doors that look like walls; doors, trapdoors or slides hidden in unusual locations; or in the case of Moran, a network of underground tunnels which eventually lead downward into the Highway.

The highway itself consists of a vast network of stone tunnels traversed by two-man carts on rails. The carts move at ultra speeds, capable of circumnavigating the globe in just under a minute, making any point within the network easily accessible for any Hammerheart connected to it. Each stop has a button which can be pressed to summon a cart, or to send it away if there is a cart occupying the stop. Although the carts run on rails, they are capable of jumping over each other if they need to, but this usually only happens in bases where carts often intercept; normally, the automated navigational system within the highway directs the carts away from each other when they're in transit.

The Hammerheart Bases

There are more than three thousand Hammerheart bases around the world. Most of them are located deep beneath cities, but about a hundred of them are located in more remote locations. These latter kind are much smaller than normal bases and their main purpose is to hide things.

Features common to all the regular bases include:

  • An execution chamber on the bottom level. Very few Hammerhearts know exactly what goes on in these rooms, besides the fact that prisoners who enter do not come out alive.
  • A large prison area called the ‘Basement’ above the execution chamber. The prison cells are spacious, pitch-black with no lighting, and contain magical features designed to make conditions as unpleasant as possible for their occupants. These include random showers of cold water, moving walls, changing temperatures, and other things besides.
  • The Hammerheart Highway entrance point above the Basement
  • A dining hall for Hammerhearts who wish to dine with those of their kind. The hall is large and contains two raised platforms, one on top of the other. The lower platform is for level-two ranked Hammerhearts and anyone they invite to dine with them, while the higher, smaller platform is for the Hammersons themselves and anyone they invite to dine with them. In most bases, the latter platform is never used.
  • A large meeting hall called the ‘Worship Hall’. They can accommodate thousands and are used for mass meetings. The interior of these halls is magically heated to deadly temperatures and only people wearing Hammerheart uniforms are immune to it.
  • Short-term and long-term residences for Hammerhearts who can no longer live in public
  • Offices for level 2 and level 3 Hammerhearts. Most of these offices are normal but the ones on the top level of the base contain enchanted walls which only Hammerhearts wearing uniforms can walk through to enter. These offices are reserved for level-two ranked Hammerhearts or are left unassigned.

There is also a living quarters for the Hammersons themselves on the top level of the Chopville base.

Codes of the Hammerheart Network

The Hammerheart Network has an extensive system of codes. Each Hammerheart is identifiable by their own code, but there are also codes for many other things within their structure. The following is a list of letters which proceed codes and their meanings:

  • B: Refers to a Hammerheart base. So far we know that the Chopville base is B3276.
  • D: Refers to Hammerheart devices such as agonators, bludginators and solid-outliners.
  • H: Refers to people who are wanted by the Hammersons. So far we know that Smiley is H1, Tommy is H2, John is H3 and Marc is H4.
  • L: Refers to a location which is neither a base nor a residence.
  • P: Refers to various punishments that can be applied to either Hammerhearts or others.
  • R: Refers to a Hammerheart residence connected to the Hammerheart Highway.
  • S: Refers to a plan or schedule. It may or may not be being applied. (In MC3,Tankom accidentally said ‘4SE’ when she actually meant a plan coded S4E.)
  • W: Refers to a Hammerheart magical weapon.

And there may be more codes that are as yet undiscovered by the Woodwards.