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Warning: This section contains spoilers.

The Woodward Base

The ‘Woodward Base’ is the unofficial residence of the Woodward family as well as the headquarters for their army. It was originally established as nothing but a small, modest and secret home for the ancestors of the Woodwards in the 1870s when the existence of magic and the six Sorcerers became public knowledge, and people were struggling to adjust to it. The secret home would be hidden inside a normal home which the family would legally own, and they would take it with them every time they moved.

Although it was altered time and time again over the following decades, its overall structure and usage did not change until 1978, when the Great Sorcerous War was getting underway. The Hammersons had already set up their army's structure, and it quickly became apparent that the Woodwards would need to do the same in order to keep the brave men and women fighting for their cause safe.

After the war, the base retained its original setup for two reasons: There were a small number of people who, for whatever reason, couldn't return to their normal lives, and so continued to live inside the base; and Lillian Woodward's father wanted it kept in place so that they would be able to leap back into action if the Hammersons decided to resume the war, and having it there ought to discourage the Hammersons from doing just that.

Nowadays, the Woodward Base is hidden in a secret location inside the Woodward's house, located on the edge of Hamster's Stretch Reserve in Chopville. The official entrance, so far as there can be said to be an official entrance, is in what passes for the Woodward's study, but only Sorcerers with Woodward blood can pass through it. Each of the Woodwards' watches is enchanted to beep whenever someone is inside the study so that they know that there's someone there to be let in.

Features of the Base

The Woodward Base is designed to be entirely self-sufficient, not for the benefit of the Sorcerers who only need their magic to look after themselves, but for everyone else living inside the base. It has many different sections, each blocked off by doors with electronic locks, and each person on the inside has an electronic key which is programmed specifically for that individual, to allow them access to all the areas their status within the army allows them.

Instead of being separated into levels like the Hammerheart bases, the Woodward Base is navigated by a long corridor with most of the features of the base accessible through doors on either side. So far in the story, the areas of the base that we know of are as follows.

The Living Quarters

The Living Quarters is an enormous area setup originally as the home base for the soldiers of the army, and remains the home of those who still live inside the base. It comprises a great big hall some fifty metres high, with its features seemingly developed in a separate structure which sits against one wall (to the left of the door as people enter). The bottom floor contains public areas for its inhabitants while the upper levels contain eight storeys of bedrooms. The upper levels are accessible by a set of stairs near the door.

The public areas on the bottom level, from the stairs to the back wall, are: A lounge room, a dining room, a games room, a gym, and a library. Most of these features are fairly self-explanatory, except for the dining room which contains a magical conveyer belt which can provide any meal that is asked of it.

On the level above the public areas are the family suites, and above that are the most luxurious of the private rooms. All the regular inhabitants of the base moved down to that level after the war. The second-floor rooms contain more hidden features than the rooms above them. The third-level rooms, which some members of the Young Army moved into in MC3, contain some hidden features as well, but not as many as those on the floor below. From the fourth floor upwards, the rooms are comfortable but contain nothing particularly special.

The Sorcerers' Living Quarters

Separate from the Living Quarters for everyone else in the base, the Sorcerers' Living Quarters is an area at the very back of the base set up for the Woodward family; presently, Amelia,Lillian,Frederic and his wife. Most ordinary soldiers are not allowed inside with their keys unless one of the Woodwards lets them in, for this is where the most secret of the Woodwards' hiding places are located.

There is also a Sorcerers' Living Quarters for the Fletchers, also at the back of the base and directly opposite those of the Woodwards in which Natalie,Rebecca,Brian,Alice and Minny live. It is identical to the Woodward living quarters in most ways, but doesn't include any secret areas or hiding places.

The Prison Block

The Prison Block, as it is called, is located through a door directly opposite from the Living Quarters, and as its name implies, is where the Woodward's keep their prisoners of war. Between the Great Sorcerous War and the day that the Fletchers took the Hammersons' magic, it was completely empty. It contains an unlimited number of cells, all in a single line that will magically stretch on for as far as it needs to.

Each cell contains a bed, a cupboard, a shower and a toilet, and most notably, a magical line on the floor which can be toggled with the push of a button. When it is switched on, anyone who was inside the line at the moment of toggling will be trapped inside, while those on the outside can pass over the line without restriction. When it is switched off, the prisoner will be able to pass over the line, but this is only used when the prisoner is being forced to leave their cell for whatever reason.

The Prison Block received a few upgrades in MC4 in response to the Hammersons escaping from it twice. The first upgrade consisted of the main door being locked to all except for the Sorcerers and those given permission (prior to that, there hadn't even been a lock on the door) and security cameras in each of the cells, a feature which Frederic Woodward hadn't wanted to instal at first because he believed it violated the privacy of the prisoners. The second upgrade removed the main door altogether and replaced it with a wall which only people with magic could pass through, and the third upgrade, which came after a prisoner committed suicide, did away with the Prison Block altogether.

The Prison Yard

The Prison Yard was created by John in MC4 while all the Woodwards were away, fighting the Hammerhearts. He designed it to be more pleasant and enjoyable for the Hammerhearts so that they wouldn't be driven to killing themselves, but with all the security of the prior Prison Block. It was contained in a box, but was enchanted to make it feel like everything was outdoors, complete with temperature control and spells to stop it from raining. The yard consisted of a garden, park benches, trees and an in-ground swimming pool. The main building stretched around three sides of the box, was five storeys high, and apart from including many bedrooms, included a dining hall (which operated the same way that the Woodwards’ dining room worked), a games room and a gym. The administration building contained the entrance to the prison and all of its security, as well as comprehensive memory to record all the thoughts of the prisoners, to make sure that they didn't get up to any trouble. This feature was necver used, however, and it was this oversight which caused the prisoners to over-power John when he went to check on them towards the end of MC4.

The Infirmary

The infirmary is a specialised hospital ward within the Woodward Base. It normally holds people who are recovering from battle, who need medical attention (and there are no Sorcerers around at the time), who are undergoing a magical medical procedure after an injury of some kind, or are too seriously injured to be quickly cured by magic and have to be taken care of over time. While it is mostly the Sorcerers doing the healing (usually Lillian), the ward does have two permanent staff members who had been in the war and have chosen to give themselves over to the Woodwards' cause.

The ward contains both single and double rooms, as well as bathrooms, an entertainment room, an operating room, and a morgue. All the rooms, except for the bathrooms, have magical windows which are enchanted to take the view of the windows in the family room of the Woodwards' house in Chopville, which provide a lovely view of the park and the Jade River.

Other Features

Some of the other features in the base include a number of meeting and interrogation rooms, a large meeting hall (very similar to the Hammersons' Worship Hall), a public kitchen (very close to the entrance of the base), an outdoor area connected to the main Living Quarters (only created when the Woodwards, on the urging from some parents, decided to lock all the teenagers inside the base), and a private cemetery for those who have died for the Woodwards' cause, and whose families would like them to be buried there.