The Magic Crystals Trivia

Warning: This section contains spoilers.

Magical Devices

The following is a comprehensive list of the magical devices that have appeared in the story thus far. This is only a small subsection of the magical devices that have ever been created, but many of them remain secretive within either the Woodward or Hammerson inner circles. Many of these devices were created by the Hammersons; some were created by the Woodwards; and some were created by others. This reflects the Hammersons' philosophy that magic should be used much more freely, while the Woodwards prefer to keep it under wraps lest it become dangerous.

Devices Created by the Hammersons

The agonator is a magical device created by the Hammersons about the size of a cigarette lighter. If clicked while pointing at a person, it thrusts unendurable agony upon them until the person using it clicks it again. It utilises the torture curse and is an efficient method of torture, not just for the Hammerhearts (for whom it was originally intended) but the Hammersons themselves. It can only torture one person at a time; a person being tortured must be released before another person can be attacked.
A device which can create magical barriers at the press of a button. The barriers aren’t magically strong, and can be easily removed by someone with a barriator of their own, or someone with their own magic. So far, it has only been used during the school battles in MC3 and MC4.
Blood Boiler
A device which uses bloodlock, a substance also created by the Hammersons, to kill people. Bloodlock enters a person's blood through their skin and attacks it, poisoning it, eating away at any tissue, organs and eventually flesh with which it comes into contact. There are two types of Blood Boilers: One which shoots a jet of bloodlock at a person, more common and similar to most other Hammerheart devices; and one which must come into contact with a person's skin, which is more discrete but harder to use. (John was able to use it with remarkable success in MC4.)
The bludginator is a magical device created by the Hammersons which takes the shape of a small knife. If slashed through the air, it can cut into objects or people without needing to make physical contact, so long as they are directly in line with it. It also has a small button on the handle which can spray salt into the open wounds of people who have been cut.
The boggler is a magical device created by the Hammersons which quite literally boggles the mind. It contains a pre-performed influential charm which is designed to make people approve of the Hammersons' ideals and make them more suggestable to the Hammerhearts' plans. It can be used both to recruit new Hammerhearts and to eliminate opposition without violence.
Drawing Device
A magical device created by the Hammersons used to draw items so that they fly through the air towards the device and the person using it.
Floating Cage
Floating cages are enchanted cages which are used mainly to transport prisoners from point to point around Hammerheart bases. Their direction is controllable via remote control. They are capable of floating right through certain enchanted walls within the base. Hammerhearts wearing their uniforms are also capable of putting their arms right through the bars of the floating cages as though they weren't there, so that they can easily place prisoners in and take them out of confinement. The cages can open up, but this is only done when the Hammerheart is too weak to drag the prisoner from it.
Gas Guster
The gas guster is a rarely used Hammerheart device which is capable of distributing gases into the air. These gases are capable of either assisting or attacking, but although they are meant to be used in battle, they usually aren't due to their unpredictable nature.
Ghost Handler
The ghost handler is a device which is enchanted to be both physical and spectral at the same time. It enables ghosts to make physical contact with them, while at the same time, making physical contact with other physical objects. Its main purpose is to allow ghosts to pick objects up, an alternative method to telekinesis which ghosts also have the ability to use.
Hammerheart Bullets
Hammerheart bullets are ordinary bullets which have been enchanted to include a magical poison, which distributes itself in the body of a person who has been shot and usually brings on a slow and painful death. The poison is virtually untreatable unless done by a Sorcerer who knows exactly what they're dealing with. The enchantment can apply to most types of bullets so that Hammerhearts can use ordinary guns; that way if they are caught, the police will think they're just ordinary criminals and won't associate them with the Hammerhearts.
Hammerheart Carts
The Hammerheart carts are small, two-man carts which navigate the Hammerheart Highway. They travel at super-sonic speeds around the globe but their exact speed is yet to be accurately measured.
Hammerheart Hidden Quarters
Hidden Quarters are a sealed-off area that is created by the Hammersons and then can be inserted into the home of certain Hammerhearts, if their home permits it. The idea is that the Hammerheart will have a secure place to make plans against the wider world, but in actual fact they just serve to emphasise the Hammerheart's difference from the rest of society. They are made up entirely of stone and can be opened from any angle with the correct password.
Hammerheart Uniform
Hammerheart uniforms are the uniforms worn by Hammerhearts while inside the Hammerheart network. They provide a number of enchantments, including insolation against the G-forces of the Hammerheart carts (the carts themselves have protective enchantments too but these make it even more comfortable), the ability to walk right through certain walls (if their rank allows them), and protection from the extraordinary heat inside the Worship Hall.
Hammerheart Watch
The Hammerheart watch is a wristwatch which all Hammerhearts are required to wear at virtually all times. They are disguised as ordinary watches, but they are in fact sophisticated communication devices for Hammerhearts to signal to each other and send each other basic messages.
Immunity Gloves
Immunity gloves were created by the Hammersons at the same time as the solid-outliner, and the two devices go hand-in-hand. Immunity gloves provide protection from thicky prison, but only if the gloves themselves make contact with the substance and not any other part of the person's body.
Invisibility Ball
An invisibility ball is a small ball whose substance is similar to cotton. Its visage is very slightly transparent. If swallowed by a person, it will sit in their stomach for 10–20 minutes, and will make the person completely invisible while it is there. Eventually, it will disintegrate, at which point the person will become visible again.
Master Key
The master key was created by the Hammersons, and its purpose is fairly self-explanatory: It will unlock any door with a keyhole in it.
The neutralator is capable of neutralising a Sorcerer's magic by altering their body around their crystal chip, thereby blocking their access to the magic. When a Hammerheart clicks the device, the magic distributed will actively seek the Sorcerer in the air, as it would have no effect on a person without magic.
A device which contains a pre-performed Normalising Charm, and is usually used to nullify threats posed by other magical devices or recently performed spells.
Portible Fire
A device created by Lester Hammerson, designed to target and destroy a building or group of inter-connected buildings. It is also designed to kill, in particularly painful fassion, anyone still in the building when the fire catches up to them. The fire itself is enchanted to take the shape of Lester Hammerson as it hunts down its victums.
The Returnamy is a type of transgator which is designed to present a person with temptations which they must resist in order to return to the present. It was created by the Hammersons in order to test a Hammerheart's powers of resistance, and is performed in the lead-up to a mission which may tempt Hammerhearts to break ranks. It also contains comprehensive memory and a spell which records everything that goes through the user's mind, so that the Hammersons can determine for themselves how close the person came to giving in.
The revealer is a hand-held device which has the ability to reverse an invisibility spell. If its magic hits a person or object which is invisible, it will become visible again.
The solid-outliner is a hand-held device which can dispense the substance, thicky prison. When clicked, it shoots thicky prison at an object, and when it is shot at an object already wrapped in thicky prison, it causes the thicky prison to disappear. It is commonly used by Hammerhearts to capture people and bring them into captivity without resistance.
The spinbinder, not yet mentioned by name in the story, is a Hammerheart device which can shoot nets at people or objects. When the net hits an object which it senses that it can wrap itself around, it does so, thereby binding whatever/whoever it is and transferring control over their movements to the person holding the device. Like the agonator and the stunner, the spinbinder can only attack one person/object at a time. The device only needs to be clicked a second time to release the bound person/object from the net, which will immediately vanish.
The stunner is capable of putting a person or animal into a state of physical suspension. When pointed at a person and clicked, it causes that person to freeze in place, unable to move any part of their body except their eyeballs and their brain. The device itself has too buttons, a small one which sits on top of a larger one, so that it is impossible to push the large button without also pushing the smaller one. The smaller button merely freezes the person in place, while the larger one also freezes them in exact relation to the device itself, so that if the person holding the device moves their hand, it will cause the person to be dragged in the corresponding direction without being released from the hold of the stunner.
The summoner is a device created by the Hammersons which is capable of calling deceased people back as ghosts. It looks like a projector but its controls are hidden in a compartment. It can call up to six ghosts back at a time; if more ghosts are required, more summoners would need to be used, but due to the limited usage that ghosts can provide, this has never been necessary.
The superholster, not yet mentioned by name in the story, is a small magical pouch with an interior which is enchanted to carry more than its volume. It has a limited volume, unlike extender-cases, but is also much easier to hide. John refers to this object simply as his magical pouch throughout MC3.
(The) Tank
A device created by Tankom, taking the shape of a room with glass sides and carrying many different enchantments to torture its occupants, any of which can be activated by a remote control. It was her use of this device in 1978 to kill Peter Woodward and several others which gave Tankom her name.
A device created by the Hammersons used to trap large objects or groups of people in a single location so that magic can be performed on it/them on mass later. It is designed to prevent all physical and magical means of escape, including teleportation, although John was able to find a way around its magic in MC4.
The undoer is a Hammerheart device which is capable of removing more complicated enchantments from a person—enchantments which would usually resist a normalising charm. Its intended use is to free a person from an influential charm, should they be effected by one, so that the person will be free to have another influential charm placed on them by the Hammersons.

Devices Created by the Woodwards

Comprehensive Memory
Comprehensive memory is a magical device that can record all the workings of a person's mind; everything they see, hear, feel, taste, smell and even think.
An electro-teleporter, not yet mentioned by name in the story, is a device which can use magic to teleport electrical signals. It is one of the few magical devices that the Woodwards created for public consumption, though due to their rarity, they are considered to be very expensive. They can be used for things like audio transmission, wireless Internet usage, or even remote electricity, and all completely unrestricted by location or distance.
The extender-case is a magical device created by the Woodwards, although the Hammersons have since taken to using them as well, and are the only ones who call it by this name. It usually takes the form of a large backpack but expands internally, meaning that it can carry an unlimited number of objects of any size. Its weight never changes no matter how much it is carrying.
Invisibility Toggle
The invisibility toggle is a hand-held device created by the Woodwards as a superior alternative to the Hammerhearts' invisibility balls. It can make any person or object invisible, or visible again, simply by pointing it at something and clicking it.
A device within the Woodward headquarters used to create magical keys that can be used around the base.
Life Assistant
The specific name given by Jacob Underwood to the device with which he telepathically communicates with Smiley. It is in fact an enhanced electro-teleportor which has the additional feature of communicating directly with the brains of the people using it.
Memory Recorder
The memory recorder is a device created by the Woodwards along with comprehensive memory, and is used to record a person's memories onto the tape and then play them back.
Power Companion
The power companion is a derivative of the extender-case, though it is much rarer. It carries all the same enchantments as the extender-case but also has an additional enchantment which causes it to preserve every object put into it, and then duplicates a fresh copy of everything taken from it. It is most useful for traveling with food, for any food put inside it will always stay exactly as it was, meaning that if it is fresh when placed in the bag, it will never go bad. Harry and Simon procured one of these bags from their deceased father in MC1.
A device created by Mr. Woodward which performs an influential charm designed to directly counter those performed by the Hammersons' bogglers. Unfortunately, it cannot remove the former influential charm altogether, which results in some confusing thought patterns by those who have been affected by both devices.
The reinforcer is a hand-held device which can be considered to be the Woodwards' answer to the Hammersons' agonator. It does not cause unendurable agony for the person it's being used on, but puts them in significant discomfort, and must be clicked repeatedly to maintain its effects. It is used by the Woodwards when interrogating Hammerhearts, and the exact nature of what it does to them is difficult to describe. When John used it on Stella in MC3, it caused her to sweat profusely at first, and then vomit and wet herself as its effects increased.
The signaller is a simple device which the Woodwards created specifically for John to use while infiltrating the Hammerheart base. It contains two buttons, a red one and a green one, and basically sends a signal back to the Woodwards when either of them is pushed. The signal is enchanted to break through any enchantments designed to deflect or interrupt such signals, and is also enchanted to protect itself against outside alterations.
Sustanence Provider
A device which can create food and drinks by scanning the minds of the people using it to determine what they wish to consume. The person would only need to speak the name of what they wished to eat to isolate that thought from the rest. The Woodwards created it for use in their dining room, and John duplicated it for use in the Prison Yard. A similar device in the Woodwards' private dining room, the Sustanence Provider 2.0, could do all the same things except that a person would only need to touch it and think at it to get the magic to work.
The transgator is one of the most complicated devices ever created, utilising a number of spells and used in a variety of ways.
Woodward Watch
The Woodward watch is a watch worn by the three Woodward Sorcerers and, in MC4, the three Fletcher Sorcerers as well. It is an ordinary watch which carries and enchantment detecting when a person enters the study in their home in Chopville. When this detection is triggered, it causes the watch to beep so that one of the Sorcerers can investigate.

Devices Created by Others

A one-man aircraft created by Marc for Liam,David and Craig to use to block up the tracks in the Hammerheart Highway. It didn't have any weapons to use against Hammerhearts themselves, though, which proved to be its undoing.
Flying Capsule
The flying capsule was a magical device created by John with the Sien-Leoard Crystal as a safe mode of secretly navigating the Hammerheart base in Chopville. It worked perfectly the first time he tried it, but when he altered it for the second attempt, it went disastrously wrong, and although it wasn't stated outright, the flying capsule was probably destroyed by the Hammerhearts' security enchantments. A second, improved version was created when Marc,Tommy and John infiltrated the Hammerhearts' Pacific Base to retrieve the Darkness Crystal. It was called a capsule because of its narrow, vertical shape. It contained an enchanted glass roof which could retract, controls to steer, a seatbelt to keep its occupant in place, the ability to shrink to microscopic size and return to normal size, protective enchantments similar to those of the Hammerheart carts, and enchantments to fly through enchanted walls in the Hammerheart base identical to the Hammerheart uniforms.
The freedomobile, not mentioned by name in the story though thought of by its creator Amelia, was a once-used flying boat-like item which enabled its occupants to escape from captivity in MC3. It contained many of the same enchantments as John's flying capsule, and was in fact the inspiration behind the creation of the flying capsule in the first place. After it was used, it was destroyed by Amelia, who said that she could just create another one if the need came up again.
Ghost Deflector
The ghost deflectors were created by Marc in MC2, and were used mainly by the Young Army to defend itself against the ghosts which Moran had summoned. It took the shape of a gun with a light over its barrel and had the ability to deflect any spectral effects cast its way, such as telekinesis.
Ghost Goggles
The ghost goggles were created along with the ghost deflectors, and were required by nearly all for the ghost deflectors to have any effect. They took the shape of goofy-looking goggles which, when worn, allowed the person to see ghosts as semi-transparent beings if they were in the area. They became unnecessary for John to wear once he realised that he was an imprinteral.
Hover Cars
The hover cars are magical vehicles on Rock Haulter which are capable of hovering and flying a few feet in the air, making them an ideal mode of transport around the island. It is unclear who created them (most likely a recent descendent of either the Woodwards or Hammersons) or how long they have been on the Rock.
Killing Device
The killing device was created by Stella in MC3, but was not considered to be a Hammerheart device because even when her loyalty to the Woodwards seemed to be all but over, she never allowed them to be distributed to other Hammerhearts. When pointed at a person and clicked, it would cause that person to fall into a magical state of death. It would look for all the world as though they really were dead, but their life could be restored with a second click of the device (again while pointing at the lifeless body). Her excuse for creating the device was because she didn't think she had the hardness of moral conscience to kill outright, and although Arnold Hammerson wasn't happy with her, he allowed her to use it in the meantime so long as she eventually became used to the idea of killing.
Sien-Leoard Keys
The Sien-Leoard keys were keys which were created by Sien and Leoard on Rock Haulter to assist in the obstacles guarding the Sien-Leoard Crystal. There were two types of keys, one for Sien and one for Leoard, and they were enchanted in a way which would identify them as such to people down the track in a way which they would understand (when the Young Army found them, they took the form of the letters S and L respectively). As generation after generation of Sorcerers left their marks on Rock Haulter, the original purpose of the keys was forgotten and they became used to hide other types of magic on the island; the key to use depended on whether the Sorcerer creating the magic had a closer affinity with Sien or Leoard. The keys are enchanted to never leave the island.
Sien-Leoard Sapphire
The Sien-Leoard Sapphire was created by Sien and Leoard as the final key to guarding the Sien-Leoard Crystal. Its original purpose was quickly forgotten over generations, however, and since it had no other purpose, it quickly became insignificant and valueless, especially since it was magically forbidden from leaving the island.
Thicky Prison
Thicky prison is a strange magical substance created by John Leoard. It was originally created as an obstacle to guard the Sien-Leoard Crystal, but after Leoard died, Sien copied its design and placed it in one of the caves on the Rock. It remained there until it was rediscovered by the Hammersons in the 1960s and eventually incorporated into their solid-outliners. The substance is purest white, spreads over anything it touches, and immobilises it.
A device created by John as an improvement on Frederic Woodward's Rebogglers. It is designed to carefully remove the effects that may have been caused by a Boggler or a Hammerson''s Influential Charm, although it seems to cause the person to be filled with grief and remorse for what they have done.
(The) Vessel
Created by Marc and John for transport to Rock Haulter in MC4, this container device had a lot of properties to keep it steady in the water, to protect it from both magical and physical forces, to make it invisible, to shrink it, and to teleport to any point on the planet simply by providing latitude and longitude coordinates. It also had a weapons system, a public address system, a detachable camera, and facilities to make its passangers comfortable.
Young Army Mobiles
The Young Army mobiles (or cell phones) were ordinary mobile phones belonging to members of the Young Army, or created if any of its members didn't have their own mobile phones, and enchanted by Amelia to receive SMS announcements from Marc's phone (which was especially enchanted to broadcast in this way), always vibrating without ringing (even if the phone was turned off), and to teleport its members to the proximity of Marc's phone when the meeting was due to start (the trigger executed by Marc). Although the phones became obsolete when the Young Army moved most of its operations into the Woodward base, they would save John's life when he became trapped in the Hammerheart base.