The Magic Crystals Trivia

Warning: This section contains spoilers.

The Magic Crystals

The ‘Magic Crystals’ are the axis upon which the story turns. They are the source of all usable magic in the world; everything that contains magic today can be traced back to the crystals in some way. There are five Magic Crystals: Two good, two evil, and one which contains the power of all the rest rolled into one. Even the Sorcerers' magic effectively comes from the crystals; each of them has a magical chip in their body, which communicates with the corresponding Sorcerous Crystal. It does not allow them to possess magic of their own, which is why they can be stripped of their powers if someone gets their hands on the crystal in question and tampers with it, as has happened a few times in the story.

The Sorcerous Crystals

The six Sorcerous Crystals are the source of the six Sorcerers' magic. There are two green crystals, two blue crystals, and two brown crystals. They communicate with the Sorcerer to whom they are set through a magical chip inside the Sorcerer's body. When a person has one of these crystals, he/she is able to change the properties to represent him/herself or someone else. This means that the Sorcerer's magic can be taken away and given to someone else, as Moran did in MC1. The Sorcerer will lose consciousness for twenty-four hours as the chip leaves his/her body.

A stable Sorcerer is one who has complete authority over a chip and is not in the process of receiving any new chips. If there are no stable Sorcerer's in the world at a given moment, it has a drastic effect on the global climate, as also happened in MC1. Therefore it is necessary to have at least one stable Sorcerer in the world at all times, and the Woodwards and Hammersons have been careful to make sure this is the case ever since. The same drastic effect can also take place if the crystals are set to run down more than two bloodlines, creating an imbalance of magic; however, it only takes effect when all three bloodlines are stable. This has so far not happened in the story.

There can only be six Sorcerers in the world at a time. When a new Sorcerer is born, the oldest Sorcerer in that bloodline dies instantly as their magic is removed and given to the baby. Therefore, it is impossible to have more than three generations of Sorcerers alive at a time.

If one person, or a group of people, have all six Sorcerous Crystals together, they also have the ability to call forth Fewul, the ‘Beast of Magic’. Fewul is nothing but purest magic, but its exact properties are unknown because apart from prophecies, even Sien and Leoard did not discover the mystery of the Beast of Magic. In fact, Moran was the very first person to ever call forth the Beast, but he would not be the last. One thing that is known, through magical research rather than experimentation done by Sien's daughter, is that Fewul will only obey the person or people who called it forth, and only if they have a quarter or more of its own power; otherwise, it is said, that person cannot possibly understand the Beast's abilities, and so the Beast loses faith in him/her. Therefore, in reality, since the Beast has about four times more power than the six Sorcerers put together, only a Sorcerer with all six chips (such as Moran), or the Seventh Sorcerer with the Hero Crystal, could possibly control Fewul.

The Hero Crystal

The Hero Crystal is a bronze-coloured crystal, slightly larger than each of the Sorcerous Crystals, though perhaps smaller than the volume of the six Sorcerous Crystals put together. It is the crystal which forms only when the Sorcerous Crystals are in the hands of the Seventh Sorcerer. The Seventh Sorcerer then has the ability to use the magic directly from the Hero Crystal without needing any of the crystal chips.

The Villain Crystal

The Villain Crystal is the dark alternative to the Hero Crystal. It is the same size as the Hero Crystal, but is jet-black instead of bronze. Unlike the Hero Crystal, it is not made up of smaller crystals, and its magic can be used by anybody who takes possession of it. However, the magic will only operate depending on the intent of the person using it; there must be malice behind the spells being cast.

The Villain Crystal also allows an alternative method of usage which is unique from any of the other Magic Crystals; the villain can swallow the Villain Crystal, which will shrink as it goes down and then reform inside the villain's stomach, where it will permit the villain to use its magic at any time. When the villain dies, however, it will usually free itself by slowly eating the villain's body until it is back in the open. If it determines that the villain is becoming too good while in his/her stomach, like any villain, it will turn on its master and kill him/her so that it can find a new villain to use its magic.

The Light Crystal

The Light Crystal is the goodest of all the Magic Crystals. Unlike the Hero Crystal, which will do whatever the Seventh Sorcerer asks of it regardless of intent, the Light Crystal will only perform magic for a person if it determines that that person's intentions are purely good and selfless. When it does perform magic, however, the scope of its power goes beyond the capability of the Hero Crystal.

It is the same size as the Hero and Villain Crystal, but it does not have an exact colour. Its visage is nothing but purest light, making it look like a mini sun and just about impossible to look at directly.

The Darkness Crystal

The Darkness Crystal is the evil counterpart to the Light Crystal. It is the same physical size as the Light Crystal and its visage is pure darkness, making it look quite similar to the Villain Crystal except that it casts objects around it into shadow. It only responds to people with pure evil intent, and given this, the scope of its power can go beyond that even of the Light Crystal (this is a reflection of the philosophy that one who wields power is more likely to be evil than good).

The Sien-Leoard Crystal

The Sien-Leoard Crystal, named after its creators Mary Sien and John Leoard, was the last of the Magic Crystals to be created, and the most powerful of them all. It is slightly larger than the Hero, Villain, Light and Darkness Crystals, and its visage is completely invisible, thereby making it even more difficult to come by. It contains the power of the Hero, Villain, Light and Darkness Crystals all rolled into one, giving the person using it unprecedented powers. It even permits the person using it to call and control the Beast of Magic. The only thing it doesn't do is control any of the crystal chips; those are associated only with the Sorcerous Crystals.