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Warning: This section contains spoilers.

Ghosts and Resurrections

A ‘ghost’ is a person who has died (duh!) and then been brought back into being as an imprint of how they were prior to their death. The ghost would look exactly the same as how they had looked in life, right down to the clothes they were wearing before they died (or naked if they weren't wearing anything when they died, but so far as anyone knows, no ghost has ever been doomed to walk around in the nude). The only difference is that they would be semi-transparent to anyone who can see them (imprinterals), completely invisible and imperceptible in every way to those who can't see them, and with the except of some objects with special enchantments, cannot interact with the physical world.

It takes deep magic to bring a person back into a state of ghostly being, but the Hammersons were able to create a device called a ‘Summoner’ which could do this. However, what the Hammersons hadn't known when they create this device is that bringing a person back as a ghost would do permanent and irrevocable damage to that person's soul. In order for a person to come back as a ghost, they must not be allowed to move on to wherever souls go when they die. Instead they remain in what is known as the ‘in-between’, and are doomed to remain there for eternity.

A person who has been brought back as a ghost can also be resurrected, but this requires even deeper magic and has even more dire consequences for the person in question. Firstly, they will only be able to stay alive for two weeks before they are killed again; and secondly, in order for them to come back, their soul must be split apart so that it can re-enter the dimension where it can take a host form. When the person dies a second time, this part of their soul is lost forever, leaving only part of them trapped for eternity in the in-between.