The Magic Crystals Trivia

Warning: This section contains spoilers.

Two Magical Pioneers: The History of the Magic Crystals

The Magic Crystals were created by Mary Sien and John Leoard more than two thousand years ago, two people who stumbled upon a source of magic and were able to mould it into a form that people could use. Quite accidentally, they were able to create the first two Sorcerous Crystals, and in their attempts to see if their experiment had worked, almost killed themselves when the crystals inserted crystal chips into each of their bodies. It was only at this point that the two of them were able to use magic for themselves, thereby knowing that their experiment had succeeded.

But their curiosity had not peeked; both of them were sure that there was more to learn. Both of them had a young adult child each, and these latter two were filled with envy for what their parents had achieved. So Sien and Leoard tried, and succeeded again, in duplicating their earlier success, but in doing so came to a realisation. The power they had tapped was not, as they had thought earlier, limitless; there would only be enough left for two more Sorcerers.

Temporarily satisfied, Sien, Leoard and their daughters began to experiment with the magic they had found for themselves, originally struggling to control it but eventually finding shortcuts which would turn into magical spells later. The more they practiced, the more skilled each became, but none of them were as skilful as Mary Sien; for whatever reason, perhaps due to her concentration or simply a natural feel for it, she excelled well above the rest.

When Sien and Leoard's daughters each had a child of their own (both sons, and Leoard's three years earlier than Sien's), they decided that they should make the two young boys Sorcerers now, just in case some other curious mind were to stumble upon the secret of magic and take it for themselves. So the six of them went back to the source of magic and performed the experiment yet again, and although they did succeed, this time it came with unexpected results. An ominous feeling swept through the six of them, forcing them to flee.

Later, with the children given responsibility over taking care of the grandchildren and teaching them how to control their magic, Sien and Leoard were free to examine what had happened earlier. Sien performed spell after spell on the six Sorcerous Crystals in an attempt to discover what was going on, and eventually was able to deduce that there was a level of power locked away in the crystals that they had not yet opened, and to do so, they would need a seventh person to assist them.

John Leoard went out into the community of which they were a part and began talking to people, assessing their characters in a philosophical way. He was looking for a person who would be good, humble and noble, and would not be driven mad by power, as he was secretly beginning to fear Sien was doing. In short, he was looking for a hero, and he eventually found a young man who seemed to fit the description he was after.

Leoard took him back to Sien, who instructed the young man to pick up the crystals and hold them in his hands. She then began to cast spells over him, spells which seemed to do nothing at first, but the longer it went on, the more the crystals in his hands began to glow. Finally, they began to melt, and Leoard, fearing all sorts of terrible things for their magic and the world in general, begged her to stop, but Sien only smiled and continued casting magic over the young man. Nothing bad did happen, though, and before long, the man stood holding a single crystal, larger than any of the six had been but possibly smaller in size than they had been put together.

A furious Leoard turned to Sien and asked her what she had been thinking, but she just waved him away. She then instructed the young man to concentrate, and then gave him a series of instructions to follow with his mind, instructions which would perform a very basic lightening spell. Leoard watched in amazement as the young man followed the instructions, and low and behold, there was light. Leoard was completely and utterly delighted, but his delight quickly turned to outraged horror as Sien cast another spell at the young man, causing him to fall to the ground, dead.

The two oldest Sorcerers argued, and it quickly became bitter. When Leoard tried to take the crystal (the ‘Hero Crystal’, as he deliberately called it), it broke apart and became the six smaller Sorcerous Crystals again. Sien demanded that she be allowed to hold on to her family's crystals, and Leoard, remembering their long friendship, relented. But the fight wasn't over yet.

Sien went back to her daughter to help her with her young son, and spent the next few months ranting about Leoard. She was completely incensed by what had happened. Leoard had explained to her how he had found the man, and while Sien had no problem helping people if they needed it, she couldn't accept that as the be-all-and-end-all of life as Leoard was beginning to do; and as she had said several times, she'd had to kill the man otherwise he would have taken off with their crystals, essentially taking all their magic with him, and who knew what he would do with it.

Finally, she decided to do something about it. Bitter and resentful, she went back to where they had forged the Sorcerous Crystals and began poking around, casting spell after spell to see if there was any more magic around. It turned out that there was a lot of magic around, and if she focussed her own magic, she could mould it into whatever shape she wanted. Since Leoard had somehow created a crystal for the humble and noble hero, she decided to balance things out and go the other way. The jet-black crystal she brought from that place would therefore do a villain's work.

Sien didn't tell Leoard what she'd done, but through their daughters, who still got on well together and had gotten into a process of writing down as much about magic as they were learning, he heard about it anyway. It was his turn to go back to that place and poke around, and although he wasn't as skilful as Sien, and he couldn't concentrate enough magic into a crystal as she'd been able to do, the blindingly light crystal he brought from that place would be the goodest of them all, only responding to the will of he or she who is pure at heart. He felt much better about magic knowing that the majority of it could only be used by people who would not try to gain power with it.

If only it were true. Sien heard about the Light Crystal the same way that Leoard had heard about the Villain Crystal, and was incensed all over again, not to mention incredulous. Determined to show him up, she went back to that place and returned with the most powerful crystal yet, one which could perform acts beyond the reach of any of the existing crystals or any of the Sorcerers, including Sien herself. Better yet, the Darkness Crystal was pure power, and responded only to those who sought its power for themselves. Pleased with herself, she was sure that she had succeeded in creating a source of magic more powerful than anything Leoard could create.

And Leoard knew it. He did not try to show her up, but outraged, confronted her and demanded to know what she had been thinking. His greatest fear was that she hadn't thought of the long-term consequences of what she was doing, and that down the track, one could use the powers she had created to drive the human race to extinction. Sien had no way to counter that, but she found a point at which the two of them could agree: None of the crystals could be a bad thing if they were used to seek knowledge. The two of them were able to reconcile on that note.

Together, they went back to the place of magic and examined the powers that remained. Their intention was to create a single crystal which would be ultimately powerful, combining the powers of all the existing crystals into one. With Sien's skill and Leoard's creativity, they succeeded yet again, but both of them now understood the enormity of what they had done, and the risks that came with it. Anyone who held this new crystal would have the power to ruin the world in a stroke, and now even Sien was having second thoughts about the powers she had created in her anger towards Leoard.

For several years after, Sien and Leoard continued to advance their magical skills, along with their children and, as they grew into their powers, their grandchildren. They spent much of this time creating spells and, once they knew how, making obscure and often unintelligible prophecies. They did not create any new crystals, however, nor did they use any of the crystals they had already created. They were kept safely out of the way, awaiting the day Sien and Leoard knew must come when they would have to be destroyed.

But they couldn't do it—they couldn't destroy their marvellous creations. They decided that the best thing to do, in order to permit the possibility of universal discovery down the track, was to hide the all-powerful crystal, which they had named after themselves, in a place where only the right person would be able to find it. The rest of the crystals, including the ones which contained their own magic, would have to be destroyed once this was done.

So Sien and Leoard said goodbye to their families, intending to hide the Sien-Leoard Crystal away and then return to destroy the other crystals. This last never happened, though, for both of them would not live to return to their homes. After using magic to scour the globe (quite possibly becoming the earliest people to discover that it was in fact a globe), they were able to find the perfect remote hiding location—a large mountainous rock in the middle of the ocean, uninhabited and not volcanic.

After casting spell after spell to keep the place hidden in such a way that the only people likely to find it would be ones who meant to, they performed more and more magic on the rock, eventually hiding the crystal deep inside it, surrounded by an array of obstacles to guard it, obstacles which would probably kill most people who could attempt them. It was late in this process, however, when Leoard fell ill, and just days later, he died right there on the rock. Sien buried him in another secret location, leaving behind some of her own magical secrets, before leaving.

Sien continued to explore the world, marvelling at how much of it there was, knowing that she must return home to take care of business, yet deeply saddened by the loss of Leoard and knowing that she would have to be the one to break the news to his family. Before she got there, however, she too fell ill, in exactly the same way that Leoard had. She didn't understand the cause but she did understand that she would be dead in a few days, and so she attempted the most difficult magic ever—something that could prolong her life long enough to get back home.

Incredibly, she succeeded, but at enormous cost. When she should have died, she continued to live, after twenty-four hours of unexplainable unconsciousness which turned out to be her magical powers leaving her. It did not help her cause, for now she had no way to get herself back home from the alien land she was in. All she could do was walk, hoping that she could get home soon, but in this, she was unsuccessful. Just fourteen days later, as she was attempting to swim across a river, she was swept under and drowned there. To this day, no one knows where her body ended up.

It was only by using their magic that Sien and Leoard's daughters were able to determine the fates of their parents. They did not, however, know that they had been coming back to destroy the Magic Crystals; that was something that Sien and Leoard had not confided in them. This knowledge went unknown for many centuries, and by the time it resurfaced, the crystals had all been lost in time.