The Magic Crystals Trivia

Warning: This section contains spoilers.

The Seventh Sorcerer

The ‘Seventh Sorcerer’ is a regular person, unlike the other six Sorcerers in that they possess no magical crystal chip. The Seventh Sorcerer, or the ‘Crystal Holder’, instead uses powers from the Hero Crystal. The following is excerpted from MC1 where the Seventh Sorcerer's powers are explained:

The crystal holder is a person with an uncommonly strong mind. This person is chosen by default; he/she must have been born in literally the same moment that the former crystal holder passed over. The only way to determine who the crystal holder is, is to put any of the six crystals in their hands, whereupon the crystal will glow. Only in the crystal holder's hands will the six Sorcerous crystals blend into a single crystal, the ‘Hero Crystal’, from which the crystal holder will be capable of using magic for himself/herself.

There has been a famous prediction by John Leoard and Mary Sien, the two original Sorcerers. After developing the Magic Crystals in an experiment which went wrong, according to the best sources, Sien and Leoard made a series of psychic predictions relating to the use of the crystals over the years. Of these crystals, one of which they named after themselves, another could divide into six smaller crystals, two of which at the time contained magic of their own (today, all six crystals contain magic). One of the most famous of their predictions is prophecy 3O6, which foretold the only Seventh Sorcerer who would ever work out his/her powers.

The Seventh Sorcerer has control over the Hero Crystal simply by using his/her mind and imagining things happening. He/she can therefore use the magic of the crystals without needing to transfer a Sorcerous Chip into his/her own body. The Seventh Sorcerer is also the only person who is almost guaranteed to have control over the Beast of Magic if he/she was the one who called it forth.

In some instances, however, the power and rage of Fewul can't even be controlled by the Seventh Sorcerer. If this is the case, the tune of Leoard's Lament would need to be played perfectly clearly on a Maahoo while the Seventh Sorcerer holds the Hero Crystal in his/her hands.

The Beast of Magic (Fewul) is further explained in this excerpt from MC1:

The Beast of Magic, Fewul by name, masters all magic generated by the Magic Crystals, which for all practical purposes means it can summon up to four times more magic than what the six Sorcerous crystals together can provide. As untamed as Fewul may be, it only appears on the Earth's surface when it is called. There are two ways for this to be performed. Both methods require the presence of all six Sorcerous crystals.

One method which can be used to summon Fewul to Earth is to have all the Sorcerers represented by crystals come together in one place and then call Fewul forth mentally. The difficult part of this is when Fewul is released, as it will not be easy to restore it to its former confines inside the six crystals, which it inhabits. Being incredibly difficult to control, Fewul will only obey a person possessing no less than a fourth of its own magical power. This means that only a Sorcerer holding all six crystal chips would have any chance of controlling it.

Another method which can be used to call Fewul forth is to use the crystal holder, or ‘Seventh Sorcerer’.