The Magic Crystals Trivia

Warning: This section contains spoilers.

The Hammerson Line

The Hammersons are, in the beginning of the story, one of the two families with magic—the other being the Woodwards. They are the main antagonists of the story; aggressively progressive, believing that their magic can be the solution to all the world's problems including conflict, poverty and disease; they set about first building an army which they call the Hammerhearts, and then attempt to use it to take over the world. Their first attempt from 1978–1981 fails spectacularly, ending with them surrendering to the Woodwards in humiliating fashion. They concede to the treaty they were forced to sign at first, but not unlike Germany in the 1930s, they gradually begin breaking it again, culminating in their second attempted takeover in 2010, which has so far resulted in them being stripped of their magical powers, and the death of one of their number.

The Ancient Hammersons

The Sorcerers—those connected to the Sorcerous Crystals—have existed since the age of the Greek empire. Mary Sien, one of the two very first Sorcerers, is the direct ancestor to the Hammersons, and her magic has continued to live on down the line. At any one time, there have always been three Hammersons living, and when the next one is born, the oldest one with magic dies immediately so that the magic can be transferred to the youngest. Additionally, every Sorcerer down the line has only ever had a single child, from Sien herself right down to the present-day Hammersons.

Along with John Leoard, the direct ancestor to the Woodwards, the Hammersons—though they wouldn't be called the Hammersons for another 2,000 years—originally hailed from Seleucid Assyria. The family’s travels over the centuries took them through Italy in Roman times, Germania, England in the middle ages; and eventually, in the 18th century, they immigrated by teleportation to the Americas, where they lived for more than two hundred years.

The 19th Century Hammersons

The family lived a very quiet life for the first half of the century, keeping their magic a closely guarded secret as it had been for many generations, and sharing the intimate details of their lives only with the other Sorcerous family, who were still living in Britain. On more than one occasion, one of the Sorcerers would need to use magic to prevent someone non-magical who had married into the family from spilling their guts to an outsider, but in this fashion, they were able to chug along without any great incident.

In the 1870s, the two families began to toss around the idea of going public. Both of them had been keeping a close watch on people around them and it seemed to them that society was shifting towards a school of thought which might actually embrace what they had to offer, instead of burning them at the stake as their ancestors had feared might happen to them. Discussion continued for some time, and eventually, the decision was finalised in 1882. Both families gathered crowds around them, made sure there were media people present, and began displaying their various talents, thereby breaking the news that magic was a very real part of their lives.

Reactions to this news were mixed. In Britain, it went relatively well, although there were a few assassination attempts by people who feared that the Sorcerers were too powerful and may have too much influence—at least one of these attempts was sponsored by the government. The Sorcerers spent every day thereafter trying to prove to people that they were good and posed no danger, and eventually, the danger subsided. It was much worse in America; the Sorcerers were driven out of their home several times, before they were forced to alter their appearances slightly and resettle somewhere else. They chose to live in Miami, and constructed a secret dwelling for themselves so that they could live in peace without being disturbed by angry locals. Unlike in Britain, the danger didn't subside altogether for a very long time.

Karen Neale was only four years old when the announcement was made, meaning that she grew up knowing nothing but fear and fury directed towards her. She had been very pretty at first, but when her family had altered their appearances, she had been made much more plain; and at the age of seven, she managed to cast a spell on herself which blocked her mind, meaning that she could no longer communicate telepathically with other Sorcerers, nor could she read the minds of anyone around her. She spent much of the rest of her life pretending to be a normal person, and the only ordinary person she confided in was a man by the name of Daniel Hammerson, the man with whom she fell in love, married and took his name. The Hammerson name would thereafter be the name by which the Sorcerous family would be known.

In 1901, the couple gave birth to their one and only child, Lester.

The Early 20th Century Hammersons

The quest of the modern-day Hammersons for a magical world domination stems back to Lester's youth. Ashamed of their magic, his mother discouraged him from using magic throughout his childhood, believing that he would be better off without it. Lester was intrigued by his powers, however, and taught himself in secret, resenting those who didn't appreciate his gift. He enlisted in the United States Army at the age of sixteen, lying about his age so that he could fight in the latter stages of WWI. He and his mother had a blazing row before he left because she was worried he would reveal his magic and make the family targets again, and in the end she locked his magic down, sacrificing her own so that he couldn't use his until he got back. Lester was shot four times during his service and was caught up in a mustard gas attack, but even though he couldn't use his magic, he was able to fight on through all of this, earning a reputation among his friends and compatriots as the bull of the western front.

He returned home a changed man in many ways, but with an even greater appreciation of his magic and utter distain for people in general, believing that the war had been so unnecessary and that people who would do such a thing couldn't be trusted with power. He determined to perfect his magic so that he could change the world into a place that would be free from such conflict, but in 1925, he clashed with the rest of his family on the subject; they maintained that he was over-estimating himself and that it would hurt a lot more people than it helped. Thereafter, Lester cut himself off from the rest of the Hammersons, determined as ever that he would only be a failure if he did nothing.

It was shortly after this that he met Adele, an ambitious woman who he fell in love with and married. When he eventually told her about his magic, she saw great potential in him and his dream for the future, and became his rock for a long time. She gave birth to Dorothy in 1929, and for the next sixteen years, the three were a happy family; Lester teaching his daughter all he knew of magic and improving on his own. He wanted Dorothy to have a child as soon as possible, knowing that the moment she did, his mother would die and it would clear a path for them to begin assembling an army and a structure to set their plans into motion; a desire exacerbated by the global implications of WWII and its aftermath. But on this point, his wife disagreed, saying that the world would keep for a few more years, and in the meantime Dorothy should be allowed to enjoy her youth a little longer.

In late 1945, Lester was contacted by Roger Swan, his opposite number from the Woodward family who were still living in Britain. Roger had been going through similar feelings of under-utilisation of his magic as Lester, although in Roger’s case, he imagined that magic could be used for commercial and recreational purposes to improve people's lives, and for magical medicine. Lester agreed with all of this, but chose to leave out his vision for magical rule in case it jeopardised a new alliance. The pair decided to collaborate in another magical demonstration for the public, something both their parents refused to have any part of. This time they did it together in New York City rather than any of their homes, resulting in the birth of the field of magicology.

The Late 20th Century Hammersons

Inspired by her parents, Dorothy hoped that she could find a man with whom she could share her life the same way Lester had been able to share his with Adele. As the years went by and she approached thirty, however, she had to resign herself to the fact that she wasn't going to find one; either she liked them, or they were drawn to her power, but never both. So instead she began searching for a good, healthy young man whose seed she could take so that she could have the best genes possible in her child. She eventually settled on Ian, whom she used magic to make fall for her, and in 1960, just one day after her thirty-first birthday, she gave birth to Arnold.

This was followed almost immediately with one of the greatest tragedies in the Hammerson family; Dorothy had planned to do away with Ian, and asked Lester to do it because she was still recovering from childbirth. Ian overheard this conversation, having been just outside the room and about to come in to see how his newborn son was doing. He knew he couldn't outrun Lester, who was now publicly known to be a Sorcerer, so he went to Lester's house and held Adele hostage as a bargaining tool to get Lester to spare his life. It almost worked—at least, Ian thought Lester might be allowed to let him go—but Lester had no intention of letting Ian walk free with his intimate knowledge of the Hammerson family. Just as he was about to use his magic to kill Ian, Ian slit Adele's throat, and although Lester was able to use his magic to heal her body, she had died too quickly for the magic to restore her life.

This turned Hammerson into a very bitter man, and while Dorothy hadn't been as deeply affected, she too was determined more than ever to see the family's vision through. A year later, after things had settled down a bit after the deaths in the family and the baby, Dorothy and Lester met up with Roger and Lillian Woodward to see if they would be on board with their vision. The meeting went spectacularly badly, and thereafter, the Hammersons and Woodwards were enemies. Unperturbed, Dorothy and Lester set about building a global structure and building an army of mostly hard-core radicles from both the left and the right of the political spectrum, an army which they named the Hammerhearts and which they kept secret from the Woodwards until they were too strong to be stopped.

Lester Hammerson's views on war had changed subtly in the years since he had fought in the army. He still thought it was unnecessary, but now he accepted that war may be the only way to force the world into a position which would be best for it. In a last ditch-effort to avoid it, however, he sent Dorothy to deliver one last olive branch to Lillian, hoping that he could get the Woodwards on-side. It didn't work, perhaps because Dorothy herself felt eager to prove herself in battle; and Arnold, who was now a teenager, was aggressive, volatile, and most importantly, incredibly talented with magic. Less than two months later, the war began with Dorothy murdering Lillian's husband and some other close friends.

The Great Sorcerous War continued for almost four years, destabilising the world both economically and politically, and killing millions of people. The Hammersons had the initiative for most of it, and nothing the Woodwards did seemed to stop them. They did slow them down, however, and in 1980, it got to the point where the Hammersons began fearing that if the war continued on its current path, it would destroy the entire world before it was won by either side. They then set about searching for the one thing that might enable them to finish it off quickly: The Magic Crystals. They never managed to find any of them, and in October 1981, the Woodwards made one last push for victory, a push which involved the use of a secret weapon that the Hammersons had seen but not understood. Thereafter, the treaty was signed, humiliating the Hammersons in defeat, and causing them to lapse into seething silence.

While the Woodwards went about cleaning up the mess and restoring the world to the state it had been in prior to the war (even including those aspects the world could have done without), the Hammersons went about disbanding their army and dismantling the structure they had worked so hard to build—requirements stipulated in the treaty. They never completely lapsed, however, knowing that they had achieved nothing for all their hard work and still believing that their ideals were right, and they had just executed them poorly. So the next twenty years were about keeping up appearances while quietly rebuilding and preparing for a second attempt.

Things went awry in the early '90s, however, when Lester fell ill and came to realise that he was too old to fight on. He therefore summoned Arnold and instructed him to do what Dorothy had done and find a suitable mate with whom to reproduce, and not to tell Dorothy for she would be heartbroken. Arnold wasn't happy about it either but he did as his grandfather wished, and in 1994, Stella was born, bringing about Lester’s death. Furious with the whole situation, Arnold killed Stella's mother Lindsay just minutes after Stella's birth, and even though he knew the job was done and they just had to get on with it, he was never able to bring himself to love Stella the way he had loved Lester.

The Modern-Day Hammersons

Arnold Hammerson grew up believing the hype bestowed upon him from his mother and grandmother. He recognised his own power and firmly came to believe that he may be the most powerful Sorcerer who ever lived—sparing Mary Sien, whose powers were legend. He paid very close attention to Sien and Leoard's prophecies, therefore, and it was by this that he came to recognise a danger posed to him—by all things—a year-old baby. He set out to kill the child, but thanks to the child's father, the baby slipped away into the ether. After punishing the family, Arnold decided that the Hammersons ought to move to Chopville, Australia, so that they could keep an eye on the Seventh Sorcerer, who they believed could be a secret weapon for them in the future. Little did they know that the wanted baby had ended up very close by; but the Woodwards knew, and not knowing about the Seventh Sorcerer, had hastened to follow.

Through all of this, the Hammersons continued to hunt the Magic Crystals, collecting the Light, Darkness and Villain Crystals after much searching over the following ten years. They were on the verge of finding all of the Sorcerous Crystals when Moran broke their cover, alerting the Woodwards to the danger for the first time. When Marc took possession of all the Sorcerous Crystals, the Hammersons took their last opportunity to attempt possession of the fabled Sien-Leoard Crystal, which hadn't been touched since being placed on Rock Haulter by Sien and Leoard themselves. They failed again, but the measures they had taken over the previous years—including increasing the sophistication of their structures and creating magical weapons to arm their soldiers—meant that they were ready to take on the Woodwards a second time.

So far, it hasn't gone all according to plan for the Hammersons. The Woodwards were able to strip them of their magical powers and give them to the Fletchers, but the Hammersons fully intend to get them back, as well as those belonging to the Woodwards themselves. Even without their own magic, however, they have successfully unleashed a wave of magic on four out of six inhabited continents, taking control of almost all of the governments contained within and uniting them under the banner of Hammersonia. Arnold Hammerson is leading the charge now, with Stella's heart being with the Woodwards and having gone AWOL, and Dorothy having been killed. He has taken possession of the Sien-Leoard Crystal, through the deceptive skills of Ather Hignat more than his own doing, and is protected by a powerful enchantment which makes it impossible for him to die unless it is by the direct hands of another person.