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Warning: This section contains spoilers.

Chopville High

Chopville Secondary School, referred to by most as ‘Chopville High’, is the only high school in the Chopville area and within a five kilometre radius of the town. It educates grades 7–12, which is usually ages 12–18. It is situated on the east side of Main Street, just south of the Jade River and Hamster's Stretch Reserve, putting it in the southeast quadrant of town. It occupies a large block of land which it shares with Chopville Primary School (grades 0–6), bounded by Main Street to the west, Flint Street to the north and east, and Corner Street to the south. Both schools are public.


The high school takes up about two thirds of the block which the two schools share. The Main Street side of the block is the public entrances to both schools; it is lined by a row of parking spots known as the ‘drop-off’, because cars are only allowed to park there long enough to pick up or drop off students. Flint and Corner streets are both lined with houses which back onto the school, although there is an alleyway cutting between two houses from Flint Street to get into the back of the Primary School, and the staff car park (shared by the two schools) is in the southeast corner of the block, on the corner of Flint and Corner streets.

The high school is made up of three buildings, referred to as ‘Building A’ (the administration building), ‘Building B’ (the study building), and ‘Building C’ (the gym). The three buildings form a loose ring in which sits a courtyard for the students. All three buildings are interconnected by a network of underground tunnels whose existence is meant to be secret, although they become required during the events of MC1.

The administration building runs along most of the front of the school, with the doors to the main office located at its northern end. The school library is opposite these doors; the library is part of Building C, although apart from the underground tunnels, there are no entry points between it and the gym. The administration building is double-storey and also contains the staff room, staff offices, a number of classrooms accessible from the courtyard side of the building, the school canteen, and an old block of toilets which are considered to be dirty and rundown.

The gym is on the northern side of the courtyard behind the library. It has two entrances: The front entrance is through a small foyer which also leads to the changing rooms; and the back entrance, which is in the east of the building, leads out to the basketball courts located behind the courtyard. Beyond the basketball courts is the grass oval, which is really more of a rectangular shape, and covers the remaining space between the buildings, the Primary School, the staff car park, and the backs of the houses on Flint Street.

The other building, the study building, is where most of the classrooms are, along with the three locker bays (7–8, 9–10, and 11–12) and the other, more frequently used toilets. It is a long, curved building with five separate entrance points, one in each locker bay and one at each end. The southern end is located close to the canteen while the northern end is near the basketball courts and the oval. It contains all the specialised classrooms for arts and technologies; two cooking classrooms; two computer labs; and five science labs.


Chopville High offers many curricular and some extra curricular programs for its students, the latter of which mainly concerns local and regional sporting activities, a student-run radio station, and a performing arts group. The school offers the Victorian Certificate of Education, the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning, and Vocational Education and Training to students in year 11–12. The school also has a nurse, a welfare counsellor and a futures officer whose responsibility is to help students find their path after they leave school. There is also a limited integration program for students with disabilities.

Students in year 7–8 must study: English, Maths, Science, History/Geography (alternating every semester), Health, Physical Education, LOTE (French, German and Italian are the only languages offered by the school, mainly because there are no available teachers in the area for any other subject), Information Technology, an Art subject (2D Art, 3D Art, Music and Drama) and a Technology subject (Wood Work, Metal Work, Textiles and Cooking). The Art and Technology subjects rotate from class to class every semester so that every student will do each one once in their first two years at the school.

When students reach year 9, the school allows more flexibility. English, Maths, Science, History/Geography, Health, Physical Education and LOTE are still compulsory, and in addition, the subject of Commerce is required by all students. However, Maths classes are divided into Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced groups based on grades from the previous year so that students who excel at mathematics can learn at a faster rate. Additionally, the Art and Technology subjects become electives, and students are free to choose which ones they would like to study (assuming there is room in the classes for everyone to have their first preference). All the previous subjects exist for year 9 students, along with Media as an Art, and Information Technology as a Technology.

Year 10 students enjoy even further flexibility. English, Maths, Commerce and Physical Education are the only compulsory subjects at this point. Science, History, Geography, Health and LOTE all become electives along with the existing Art and Technology subjects, and yet more specialised electives are introduced. Additionally, if a student's marks are sufficiently high and their timetable allows it, a year 10 student may take on one VCE (year 11) subject as an elective. Year 10 students are also required to do two weeks of work placement as part of the Commerce curriculum.

When students reach year 11, they begin studying for their VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education), or VCAL (Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning), which involves some time at school and some time at a work place in the community. English is the only compulsory subject for year 11–12 students. The other subjects offered to VCE students at Chopville High are: Accounting, Agriculture, Horticulture, Conservation and Land Management (VET), Animal Studies (VET), Art, Biology, Business Management, Chemistry, Community Services (VET), Design and Technology, Drama, Economics, Engineering (VET), Environmental Science, Food and Technology, French, Geography, German, Health and Human Development, Industry and Enterprise Studies, Italian, Information Technology (Year 11 only), Information Technology: Applications (Year 12 only), Information Technology: Software Development (Year 12 only), Laboratory Skills (VET), Legal Studies, Mathematics: Foundation (Year 11 only), Mathematics: Further (Year 12 only), Mathematics: General (Year 11 only), Mathematics: Methods, Mathematics: Specialist (Year 12 only), Media, Outdoor Environmental Studies, Physical Education, Physics, Psychology, Sociology, Sport and Recreation (VET), Studio Arts, Systems and Technology, Visual Communications and Design.

The School's Place in the Story

Most of the teenagers in the Young Army are in year 9–10. There are some in other year levels though: Lucien is in year 12, Misty and Michelle Maivis are in year 11, Rebecca Fletcher and Candice Young are in year 8, and Jason Pont is in year 7. Most of the places scene in the story are in Building B; most notably Room 12, the scene of many a detention. The teens usually hang out around the back of the toilet block in Building A, which puts them in the far southwest corner of the school. John is also in Building A for a rare class when the battle of Chopville High begins, and he covers just about the entire school before ending up in the gym for the final climactic showdown.