The Magic Crystals Trivia

Warning: This section contains spoilers.


The ‘Maahoo’ is a musical instrument with magical properties. They are extremely rare and not very well-known to the general public. They are very small, wooden cylinders, about eight inches long and three quarters of an inch in diameter. John mentions in MC1 that the Maahoo looks like a cigarette-coloured flute. They are played by holding the instrument by the top and bottom between two fingers on one hand, blowing into one end and with the other hand, running a finger delicately up and down the right side to produce the right tone (although the instrument can be played just the same by turning it upside-down so that the player can use their left hand to produce the tone). Although they are small and light, the wood of the instrument is almost impossible to break. There are only half a dozen Maahoos in the entire world.

Not just anyone can learn to play the Maahoo, and not just because there are so few of them. Although it is necessary to be taught the correct technique, the Maahoo is not a difficult instrument for a person with the right gift to master. However, most people who blow into a Maahoo would produce nothing but a toneless windy noise. A true Maahoo player must have a magical property, and this property is extremely rare and obscure. They must have been caught in the crossfires of a magical spell which was not meant for them, so that only part of the magic affected them, and the spell must be of a certain type to cause this effect (this type is presently unknown).

So far, we know of only two Maahoo players: Tommy Blue, whose gift was given to him at the same time as his odd sleeping situation; and his mysterious teacher, Rafael Smiley, who had a brief encounter with John when he was a year old. When these people play their Maahoo, it has the effect of restoring magical order and balance in the world, such is the power of the instrument—Tommy used this power in MC1 to defeat Fewul.