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Warning: This section contains spoilers.

Cursed People

A cursed person is one who carries some sort of magical defect, usually manifesting itself in an odd magical ability of some sort. While these people are the exception rather than the norm, there are enough of them for Sorcerers to have done some research into the causes and effects of them.

Cursed people can be divided into three categories:

  • Inherent: The curse was passed down from parent to child
  • Innate: The person was born with the curse, most likely having acquired it in utero
  • Acquired: The person was cursed by a Sorcerer at some stage in their life

The following is a list of some of the discovered curses and how they work.

Tommy's Curse (acquired)

Tommy Blue carries an unusual curse, or “not a normal jinx”, as Lisa described it in MC2. He has two bodies, a light-skinned boy living in Germany, and a dark-skinned boy living in Chopville. When one body sleeps, the other is awake, and vice-versa. Instead of dreaming, Tommy's consciousness switches from one body to the other, whichever one is awake. The origin of this curse is unknown, though given its unusual nature, it is highly likely that it was ‘acquired’. It also seems to have come coupled with a rare ability to play the Maahoo.

The Seventh Sorcerer (innate)

The Seventh Sorcerer's magical abilities are ‘innate’. There is only ever one Seventh Sorcerer in the world at a time, and they only acquire their ability by being born at the exact moment when the previous Seventh Sorcerer dies. Check out the first Magic Crystals book, ‘The Seventh Sorcerer’.

Sorcerous Seers (innate)

Sorcerous Seers are also very rare, though in this case because of the way that a person becomes one. It requires two factors to come together; the mother, while carrying the child in utero, must have been in close proximity to a Sorcerer while that Sorcerer was casting a spell; and either the mother or the father must have some sort of psychic sense themselves. Daniel Dasher is the only known Sorcerous Seer in the story.

Imprinterals (inherent)

An imprinteral is the name given to a person who can perceive (see and hear) the imprints of ghosts when they are magically recalled. While ghosts are completely imperceptible to most people, an imprinteral can hear them clearly when they speak, and can see them as light, semi-transparent figures. It also gives them a limited perspective of the alternate dimenssion where ghosts exist, and can, at times, enable them to hear and see things at other points in time. This ability is inherited, but not strictly so; it may or may not be passed down from parent to child.

There are two known imprinterals in the story: John Playman, who would have acquired it from one or both of his biological parents; and Bernard Moran, who communicated easily with the ghosts he summoned on the Rock Haulter camp, and did not pass the ability on to Marc or Lucien.

The Enlightener (Acquired)

The Enlightener is an external source of magic which a person, if carrying the spell which makes them susceptible to it, can sometimes connect to when they sleep. It may show them recurring dreams which include a message which the person may be supposed to know, either to understand something in the past or to prepare for the future. Very little is understood about this strange phenomenon by the characters in the story. All that is known is that John is one such person (discovered in MC4), and that the Enlightener was the source of the dream which identified the Seventh Sorcerer to him.

Smiley’s Curse (Acquired)

Rafael Smiley acquired his curse at the same time as Tommy, and although they were both given the ability to play the Maahoo, that is the only thing they have in common. Smiley’s curse turned him into a four-dimenssional being, giving him the ability to move into the place where ghosts exist, back in forth in time to any point within his lifespan, and even into the parallell world where the Honnies live. The curse makes him look similtaneously solid and like a ghost around the edges in the eyes of Imprinterals, as discovered by John when they met in MC4.

John and Stella's Connection (Acquired)

John and Stella have a strange mental connection, where from time to time, either of them can enter the other's mind when they sleep, so long as the other person is awake. Stella had known about the connection for as long as she could remember, but only discovered who John really was in MC1. John only discovered the connection in MC3, thinking that his dreams of Stella’s life, not knowing that it was her, were just nightmaires. Arnold Hammerson also knows of the connection, and as he wants to kill John, he believes he must remove the connection before he can do so, but in this, he has so far failed. John discovered in MC4 that the connection came about when Hammerson first tried to kill him as a baby, and that Stella's close physical proximity to him meant that her crystal chip protected him, joining them together in a way which Hammerson hadn't understood at the time.

Other Curses

Most of the other curses that have been mentioned are strange effects on a person's vision, and all of them are ‘innate’. These include, according to Lisa in MC2: “Most of them are types of visions or blindnesses. … Some people have x-ray vision, they see through skin and flesh, without the radiation. … Some people see through just the skin, so they get to see people's flesh, which must look pretty weird, and some people can only see through people's clothing.” There are also ‘Itchicans’, mentioned in MC3, as people who can see red marks on a person's skin when and where that person is feeling itchy, and the greater the itch, the deeper the shade of red.