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Warning: This section contains spoilers.

The Young Army

The ‘Young Army’ is the informal name given to the large band of teenagers who take it upon themselves to defend the Seventh Sorcerer and the Magic Crystals from the Hammersons and their army of Hammerhearts.

In Book 1 - The Seventh Sorcerer

Although the name ‘Young Army’ was never actually used this early in the story, it can still be applied to the group of twenty teenagers who challenged Bernard Moran and stripped him of his powers, the Beast of Magic and the Sorcerous Crystals.

At this stage, the Young Army consisted of the following members:

In Book 2 - Rock Haulter

In ‘Rock Haulter’, the Young Army swelled to 28 members as those who were in the same camping groups on the Rock Haulter camp took part in the mission, and continued to help afterwards. Although Tommy and Lucien did not go on the camp, they were still privy to what was going on.

The new members in the Young Army in MC2 were:

In Book 3 - Hunt and Power

The Young Army ceased to function as they had been before about halfway through the story, due mainly to Frederic Woodward's intervention, the escalating danger from the Hammersons and the teenagers' inability to deal with it without assistance from adults. There were no new members added to the army in this book, although Tulip Naval could be said to have been a part of their doings. In addition, by the end of the book, Lucien, Stella, Lisa and Daniel were no longer considered to be part of the army.

In Book 4 - Corridors

Like in MC3, the Young Army as they had been no longer existed, but John thought of the term the ‘real Young Army’ to refer to the more intimate group of teenagers who helped him track down Smiley. This group included John, Peter, James, Marc, Tommy, Amelia, Natalie and Nicole at first—the people whom John trusted the most at the time. Serena replaced Nicole after she died, and then Lena, Erica and Siobhan were added to the group when they went to see Smiley on Rock Haulter. At the end, Lucien also joined this group, after being turned back from the Hammerhearts' side by an unboggler.