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The Clean Edit Editions

Some of Stephen Hayes's books come in two separate editions: The ‘Clean Edit Edition’ and the ‘Original Explicit Edition’.

If you have a book from Stephen Hayes which doesn't have either of these references on the copyright page, it means that particular book only comes in one edition. However, if it references either edition, here's what you need to know.

In its original form, the book may contain explicit materials such as vivid descriptions of severe violence or graphic sex scenes–materials unsuitable for adolescent readers, in other words. When this is the case, the original version may still be published, but a clean version must also be published so that no potential readers are left out.

The story is exactly the same in both editions. Only small phrases here and there are omitted, meaning that a person reading the clean edition can still follow the story without any trouble.

The original explicit edition is only available on this website in Ebook format, and is only really suitable for readers who actually want the most violent or raunchy scenes, or purists who want the book in its fullest form. It is not suitable for children or young teenagers who have read some of Stephen Hayes's other work, thinking that it's all okay for young readers. Such people should read the clean edit which is cheaper, available in more formats, and will allow them to follow the whole story without subjecting them to the worst of it.

So far, the following books are available in two separate editions: