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The Magic Crystals Series

Book 1: The Seventh Sorcerer
A quest to stop an evil man with a dark purpose from procuring one of the greatest magical powers in the world.
Book 2: Rock Haulter
A race against the henchmen of the evil Hammerson Sorcerers, the prize for which is a power great enough to control the entire world.
Book 3: Hunt and Power
A struggle for power as the crystals and the magic they possess become the rope in a furious tug-of-war.
Book 4: Corridors
A search for a man who may possess the key to defeating the Hammersons once and for all.
Book 5: The Cloak of Steel
A mission born out of desperation where victory may come at the cost of several lives.
Book 6: On the String
A desperate chase as evil swoops and John and five of his friends are the only people standing between the dark side and the world domination it has always sought.
Book 7: Antimagic
A calamity as the stakes are raised and the future of the world hangs in the balance.

Other Books

Parisian Tails
The story of Paris, the seeing-eye dog.