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Parisian Tails

‘Parisian Tails’ is a departure from Stephen Hayes's usual writing style. It is the story of Paris, the beloved seeing-eye dog who lived from 2005 until early 2016. Leading up to her death, Stephen considered that a book would be his best way to record all the good memories he had of her before they began to fade, and given its content, he believed that there would be people (such as dog-lovers or general animal-lovers) who might enjoy such a read.

The book will contain many pictures as well as a little less than 25,000 words worth of stories. This means that the Ebook version of the product will be a lower-quality product than the print version, containing only a small number of pictures, and will consequently go for a much lower price. The Ebook was published on September 29, two days before what would have been Paris's 11th birthday, and can be viewed here. The paperback edition was published three months later and can be purchased here.

There are no plans to record an audio book of ‘Parisian Tails’ in the foreseeable future. This could change, however, and the best way to keep up with any such updates is to subscribe to the mailing list below.