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What Comes Next for the Magic Crystals


Almost twenty years since ‘The Seventh Sorcerer’ was first drafted, the Magic Crystals series is complete. The story has been told from start to finish and it is available in electronic, audio and print formats.

You may now be thinking, what comes next for this epic series? Surely it isn’t just going to finish and never be heard of again…right?

Rest assured, the story you have fallen in love with and its ensemble cast of characters are far from done.

Stephen Hayes has considered both a prequel and a sequel to the series, but has not committed to writing either at this stage.

What he is committed to, however, is ‘The Chopville Chronicles’, a series of short stories set in and around Chopville. They will take place before, during and even post the events of the Magic Crystals, and many containing beloved characters from the Magic Crystals series.

A few of these short stories have already been written, and there will be more coming. They will be published in a variety of ways; it is up to you to see if you can collect them all.

In addition, more material will be added to the Magic Crystals trivia section on this website, which site members can view here.

Please watch this space for further updates, not just about the Magic Crystals but for other books on which Hayes is working. There may be another one coming up very soon…