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The Magic Crystals Series

This is your place to keep up with the saga of The Magic Crystals, a series of fantasy fiction novels by Stephen Hayes which adolescent, young adult and mature readers can all enjoy.

‘The Magic Crystals’ is a story of the greatest power in the world, a power so supreme that it can control most aspects of life. Amazing if used for good, terribly dangerous if in the wrong hands, the question throughout is exactly how this power should be used.

Should it be wielded to its fullest extent to benefit all of humankind, or tamed in order to protect others from it?

Follow a group of teenagers from out in the bush as they are forced to mature rapidly as the world they always knew unravels around them. Watch as romance blossoms and is then tested by circumstance; listen as the youngsters resort to ridiculous humour in the face of danger just to find something to smile about; and above all, enjoy an intense and somewhat controversial tale of how human society can become so horribly unstuck simply due to mankind's own insidious nature in the face of power.

Latest Magic Crystals News

‘Antimagic’, the seventh and final instalment in the Magic Crystals series, is now available as a print paperback. You may order it from any online retailer of good books.

The series is made up of the seven main novels, with plans to expand it with aditional short stories and spin-offs.

If you haven't yet begun the Magic Crystals adventure, you can still read the first three chapters of ‘The Seventh Sorcerer’ absolutely free. If you have already gotten started, you can also checkout the trivia section which contains lots of interesting stuff to add to your Magic Crystals vocabulary.

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