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Hunt and Power (The Magic Crystals #3)

Blurb from ‘Hunt and Power’

With great power may come great responsibility, but in the case of our heroic Chopville teens, it also comes with a great big target. As they are to discover, having the Magic Crystals does not ensure their safety—in fact, quite the opposite.

A dark force is gathering around Chopville, far more dangerous than Moran could have ever been. A dangerous enemy will show his murderous hand early on; a trusted ally will defect to the dark side; and John and some of his friends will be taken captive and subjected to unspeakable horrors.

Our heroes must pull together and stay strong to cope with such adversity, but as romance begins to bloom among the hormonal adolescents, rivalries may become tangled up in the far more serious matter of survival.

And through all of it, a great mystery looms darkly over John, which he must solve in order to have any hope of staying alive. Now that he knows he is on the enemy’s hit list, he must embark on a journey of discovery to find out what happened in his childhood—to understand why the evil Hammerson Sorcerers want him dead more than almost anyone else in the world.