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The Cloak of Steel (The Magic Crystals #5)

Blurb from ‘The Cloak of Steel’

John and his circle of friends, wanted dead by the new ruler of the world, suddenly have their one and only sanctuary infiltrated and destroyed.

Yet this catastrophe is also an opportunity for the group of teenagers to do what their elders have so far failed to do, and topple the tyrant once and for all.

With the Woodward Base destroyed by Arnold Hammerson and his soldiers, John and his friends must take what little magic they have and put it to most effective use.

But a problem remains: how to do what they know must be done? The problem is far too big to be solved with a single stroke of spellwork, as our heroes soon discover.

Their only real chance is to put to use a piece of knowledge which almost no one in the world knows about, even though it would result in certain death for all of them if they fail.